Horrible stingray attack leaves woman's leg covered in blood

- 8/11/2017
Don't mess with a Stingray. And I'm serious about this. Yes, I know that since the movie 'Jaws' was released decades ago,  we all became acutely aware of the deadly predator of the seas—The great white shark. But you must know there is another silent, but probably deadlier sea creature called the Stingray.  
Although it resembles a futuristic aircraft, and glides gracefully through the waters with hardly a ripple caused, it is still to be treated with extreme caution. By nature they usually defend and hardly attack, but when they are in defensive mode, getting close to one is a pretty dumb thing to do.
Deadly Stingray attack
Stingray attacks are rare, and when they do occur, they are often gruesome and fatal. Unfortunately this beast was brought into our collective consciousness by a tragic event involving a beloved Celebrity. In 2006 Australian wildlife guru and crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, was killed while filming a giant stingray up close. It jabbed and punctured his chest at least a dozen times.

Ever since then more people were forced to pay attention to this beautiful but dangerous animal. 

Recently another victim is  ‘lucky to be alive’ after she accidentally stepped on a stingray and lived to tell the tale. 

While on holiday in Thailand, 44 year old Dawn North was jabbed with the painful and poisonous barb.

The attack occurred while she was swimming and the terrible pain caused her to scream out  and watch in horror as her foot covered in blood. She was lucky that friends were close by,  and she was rushed to hospital.

After receiving treatment,  a doctor told her she was really fortunate, and the only reason she was still alive was because it was a baby stingray and it attacked her foot, which meant that the deadly poison didn’t have a chance to go further up her body. As it turned out,  she only had to spend a couple of days in hospital.

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