Horror as hungry bear attacks man and mauls him in vicious animal attack (photos)

- 8/04/2017
A deadly Animal attack took place yesterday as a gigantic bear mauled a man almost to death in Thailand.
Bear attacks and mauls man

Trust me there is a big difference between a teddy bear and the actual animal. One has a ferocious temper while the other is—a toy. There should be a saying 'A hungry bear is an angry bear?  Maybe that may have prevented 36 year old Naiphum Promratee from teasing the hungry and dangerous beast by dangling food above its jaws. I bet he also forgot that even though these powerful animals usually move on all fours, they can also stand tall on their hind legs.  
Man is attacked by hungry bear

Guests at the enclosure are allowed to watch the animals and even donate food, but this man went too far by underestimating the versatile bear. 

Like us, bears eat both plant and meat, but it appears that on this day,  this particular bear preferred the man/meat holding the bowl of rice. And it didn't take long for it to make its horrible choice of food known. 
Deadly animal attack
When he was toying with it by holding a bowl of rice above it jaws,  it suddenly stood and snatched him into its enclosure.
And that was the beginning of a vicious mauling punctuated by screams and tearing of flesh. The bear bit him until he bled and despite efforts by his friends to chase the hungry animal away from its new-found meal,  it didn't budge. 

In the photos, his desperate Friends poked  the bear with a stick and pouring water on it, but it was useless, as it held onto its victim  with strong jaws. Knocking him unconscious, the shaggy beast tore and ate a lump of flesh from his armpit.

But as it prepared to really feast on its prey, one of the man's friends bravely ran into the enclosure and distracted it by battering it with a metal pole. This gave the others a chance to  jump in and rescue Naiphum. He was rushed to hospital were he has shockingly recovered enough to speak. 
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