Jim Carrey in trouble as evidence reveals he lied about passing STD herpes to late girlfriend Cathriona White

- 8/26/2017
It seems the Liar Liar actor is living up to his character in the movie. It's been revealed that comedian Jim Carrey lied about his herpes to his late ex-girlfriend Cathriona White.
Jim Carrey and Cariona White STD herpes case
According to newly released notes by White's therapist, Carrey knew he was carrying not one, but three STDs and knowingly passed it to her, just months before her suicide.

In private session notes , which have been subpoenaed by lawyers in the wrongful death lawsuit filed against Carrey by Cathriona's mother, White explained that she confronted 55 year old Carrey, about bumps she spotted on his privates, but he outrightly lied to her,  saying they were just skin irritation he got from shaving. Shortly afterwards,she suffered her first STD Herpes outbreak.

She had been dating the actor for only 6 months, when she informed him she had been tested for STDs and was awaiting the results. Then the he suddenly broke up with her just hours after she revealed this to him, even before the test results emerged. 

The results came back positive , but by then Carrey had dumped her. She told her therapist that she felt like 'damaged goods'.

She tried to reach out to the comedian to no avail. Depressed, she told her therapist that she “tried to commit suicide with a bottle of painkillers that she got from [Jim]” after he split up with her.

After the failed attempt, she finally succeeded. On September 2015, aged 30-years-old she committed suicide. And now her mother is suing Jim Carrey for the wrongful death of her daughter, saying the star knew he had been diagnosed with three STDs, but hid this fact from her daughter.

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