Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Chemistry is a powerful thing to see

- 8/20/2017
Ever since Leo and Kate starred in mega blockbuster movie Titanic as tragic lovers on the ill-fated ship, the world became hooked on their brief but fiery on screen Romance. The fact that in the movie,  it ended in the coldest death possible, did absolutely nothing to stop the public's love affair with the pair—both in and off screen.  
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet relationship
Such is the chemistry between them that for years after the 1997 movie, people still wonder(and even hope) if they are dating offscreen.  But it turns out that they are just very close friends. 

Recently both stars Reunited. And as usual they looked like a lovely couple. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were spotted relaxing by the pool in Saint-Tropez, France. The photos were they were scantily dressed in swimming gear, certainly got tongues wagging out of control. 

The beautiful Titanic costars chatted outside DiCaprio's villa, looking very comfortable in each other's company. Afterwards,they headed to his foundation's annual fundraising gala in Saint-Tropez. And like a good luck charm he was able to raise $30 million at the fundraiser.

According to Kate,  alot of her female friends envy her for being so close to dashing DiCaprio  But their 20 year friendship is not romantic, and has become one of the strongest and most enduring in Hollywood. Infact,  during Winslet's 2012 wedding to Ned Rocknroll, it was non other than Leo who walked her down the aisle.

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