Nigeria in top 3 Countries with highest global internet crimes

- 8/24/2017
Hackers, scammers and internet crimes are on a sharp rise world wide. But the rate of corruption in Nigeria has been outstanding for decades now. Even though only about 10—15% of Nigerians use the internet, the west African nation still managed to be one of the highest in internet crimes.
Nigeria US cyber crime
The Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, Umar Dantata, revealed that Nigeria currently ranks third on list of highest cyber crimes countries. Only the UK and the U.S. surpass her.

“There was an estimated $300 million loss to internet crime in Nigeria in 2015 alone;. Unfortunately Nigeria's vital position in the continent and the factors resulting in this ranking, puts Africa’s economic resurgence in jeopardy as it highlights the weaknesses of its institution in an internet powered world. 

Many still look to Nigeria the most populous black nation in the world , and arguably the most economically endowed, to put her act together and help power African growth and development to the highest peak it has ever attained. 

It is important to note that last year 2016 Nigeria was ranked 10th. So it's disturbing that as Nigeria's internet users increase the cyber crime rate skyrockets.

Within a year, the recession hit country jumped seven places to third position behind former number 5 UK ,who are currently second place. It's actually the biggest jump in the top 20.

Infact the oil rich Nation easily surpassed cyber advanced countries China,Russia and India.

The United States remains number one highest internet crime country in the world. 

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