No first Lady title for Bridgette Macron French President's wife

- 8/10/2017
France: During his tenure, French President Emmanuel Macron, will likely have his wife publicly and privately by his side, but it has now been made clear that her role will be strictly public and not political. 
France First Lady Brigitte macron

Yes there will be no official  First Lady title for Brigitte Macron. It has also revealed that apart from having no official role in the state's affairs, she would also not have her own budget. The French government has revealed this following a petition by thousands of people who opposed an official status for her. 

Although the Élysée has made no official announcement concerning this, French officials were forced to react after the petition was signed by 275,000 people in two weeks. They were clearly against the French President's wife having an official title,status and Budget. 

During the French Presidential election campaign, Macron made a promise to “clarify” his wife’s role to “end the hypocrisy” over the situation. Keeping to his word,  One of the President's first actions after taking power was to set up a working party to look into the “first lady” position.

French edition of the Huffington Post carried out a YouGov poll which shockingly revealed that 68% of the French public were against her having an official title and perks of office.

The proposed transparency charter that will clarify Brigitte Macron’s status and clearly define her role has been set up.  

Currently there are no provisions in the French constitution that defines her role, or makes it any better to uunderstand. Previous presidents’ spouses made up the rules as they went along, but their public and charity activities have always been financed from the Elysée’s annual €5m-€7m budget. 

The petition against the first lady title comes just as President Macron's popularity plumets just after 3 months in office.

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