Outrage as Robert Mugabe's wife gets diplomatic immunity after assaulting South African Model

- 8/25/2017
It takes alot to break diplomatic immunity. Especially between neighboring countries. This is a real life lesson learnt, the hard way by the South African model who was beaten up by Robert Mugabe's wife,  Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe.
Robert Mugabe's wife Grace
But you have to admire the victim for staring into the eyes of the powers that be—and not backing down. The model is now taking legal action to counter the government’s decision to grant her attacker diplomatic immunity. And the public is firmly behind her.

Initially, South African Police had placed the country's borders  on ‘red alert’ to stop Mrs Mugabe from leaving South Africa, after it was claimed she attacked Gabriella Engels, a 20 year old model. Lady Mugabe had allegedly used an electrical cord to lash her inside a  Johannesburg luxury hotel room.

Unfortunately for the young victim, her country  changed its tone, and the international relations minister confirmed that Mrs Mugabe had been granted diplomatic immunity. She left the country with her husband President Robert Mugabe and returned to Harare on Sunday.

But the a legal organization called the Advocacy group Afriforum have risen to the occasion to give its legal backing to Engels. They are even working with the Celebrity prosecutor Gerrie Nel – the super Attorney who scored a murder conviction against disgraced South African paralympic star Oscar Pistorius.

According to Engels , she had been in a hotel suite with two of her friends, waiting for one of Mugabe's adult sons when the attack ooccured.

The diplomatic immunity issued the Zimbabwean first Lady has been greatly frowned upon by the public.

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