Race for Female James Bond is on after announcement of a woman as Doctor Who

- 8/02/2017
The name is bond—Jane Bond. Is there something absolutely strange about that statement? A female James Bond!  I bet some 007 fans are already squirming in their seats and praying the day will never come. Well at some point in the near future, you just might have to get used to hearing and seeing that. 
Female James Bond to play 007 spy

It's been the same even with every new male Bond, where public reception was reserved, and disdain was the norm—At least until we got hooked by the new guy, and started to forget how sad we were that the previous 'favourite actor was done with the role. 

That was the case in the transition between Brianna and Craig. 
But a woman to play the super spy! Now that's a whole new level of transition—some critics have even said its a gamble the franchise is going to regret if they eventually go through with it.

Some fans are wondering, how after almost six decades of the British spy being played by alpha male actors, how a woman will now fit into the extremely demanding role? 
Female James Bond to replace Daniel Craig
Two week ago, it was announced that a woman will be taking over the role of 'Doctor Who' for the first time in its history. This dramatic change is one of the main reasons there is now a louder call for a female Bond to take over. 

With current Bond actor Daniel Craig set to quit the role  after 'Bond 25', which will be released in 2019, candidates are lining up to take over from him. American actor Tom Hardy and Brit's Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston are said to be the favourites to take up the iconic superspy role.

And who are the female leads ready to take up the role?  Model and actress Cara Delevingne, Emily Blunt, Gillian Anderson and Game of thrones star Emilia Clarke are all on the radar to be the first ever 'Jane Bond'.

Former 007 Pierce Brosnan is against it because he believes it will be impossible to deviate from a straight white male Bond.

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