Revealed Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy cause of death is a shocker

- 8/07/2017
The death of this rap legend shook his fans to the bone. And Just as one of his close friends explained—prior to his death,  he had been just fine. 
Mobb deep rapper prodigy cause of death
Since his unexpected demise, Fans have been wondering what was rapper Prodigy cause of death. Well the coroner has finally revealed his findings—The Mobb Deep star died from accidental choking.

 Albert Johnson, AKA Prodigy passed away on 20 June (17), after choking on an egg. He passed on just days after he was hospitalised following a concert in Las Vegas.It is believed that the choking incident was compounded by his life-long sickle cell anaemia, which led to fatal complications.

He actually eating a meal in hospital when he choked on an egg. According to Reports he had been found unconscious hours after choking while eating an egg, The Clark County Medical Examiner has released its autopsy results, to confirm  that the incident was the primary cause of the 42-year-old rappers death, according to TMZ. 

The saddening news comes just weeks after Prodigy's bandmate Havoc revealed he was still struggling to deal with the tragedy. Especially because his longtime pal had been "fine" just hours before his death.

Here is what the shattered Havoc had to say. "I just had a progress report on him the night before that he good (sic)," Havoc told VladTV last month (Jul17). "He walking around, he joking, he eating food (sic), and somebody gonna say that he passed away? Like that? I knew it was a lie. But when I came to the realisation that it wasn't a lie,  I was pinching myself, literally. It had to be a dream."

When asked about his longtime bandmate's cause of death, he said he heard that while eating he had choked on his food and it entered his lungs. 

It was public knowledge that the hip Hop star has battled with sickle cell anemia all through his life,  and it is probable that the disease played a role in his death. 

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