Sexy Rihanna puts her hot body on display in skimpy bikini

- 8/27/2017
Rihanna's body is the stuff of fantasies and mysteries. The latter of course being the singer's ability to look hot in anything she wears, or at any weight she is. 
Rihanna's sexy bikini body
I mean seriously for years now we knew the singer to be slim and hot, and we foolishly assumed we had seen the heights of Rihanna's sexiness—Until she blew every one away with her new and never before seen curves. A rounder, fuller figure that took all her fans by surprise, but is now gaining a grunt of admiration even from her worst critics. 
To deny that she is currently looking fabulous is almost ridiculous. You would have to be blind not to notice that the Barbadian singer has really turned up the heat, as she sports her new look with a poise that is almost as captivating as the look itself. 

The Umbrella singer got the rumour mill spinning out of control some months back, when she started appearing in more flowing outfits that did little to disguise the insanely curvaceous body underneath the clothes. The internet went wild when she was finally spotted showing off her new figure in bikinis. 

Even her ex boyfriends aren't immune to her sizzling new look. And a couple of them—Namely Chris Brown and Drake are sweating thorn and nails trying to get her back. 

But at the moment Riri has a new man, and any hope for her exs is pretty slim—nearly nothing. Too bad guys. 

I don't know what you think of her new billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel, but what do you think of Rihanna's sexy bikini body? I think she looks breathtaking. What say you? 

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