Singer Mariah Carey shows off curvaceous style in joint Lionel Ritchie concert(photos)

- 8/23/2017
Eye popping Singer Mariah Carey put curvaceous body in display during her sold out joint tour with Lionel Ritchie.
Singer Mariah Carey curves photos
The self proclaimed diva flaunted her impressive curves in various glamorous dresses.

Check out some of the amazing photos of Mariah Carey sporting diverse Styles of figure hugging dresses while performing at the concert.
Mariah Carey and Lionel Ritchie joint tour
At Madison Square Garden New York, the legendary multi-award-winning singer  performed on stage with her boyfriend and backup dancer Bryan Tanaka, while on tour with music icon Ritchie. Understandably Bryan had a huge smile on his face while dancing with his woman. It went beyond the act, one could easily feel the chemistry between them.
Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka on stage
Afterwards she was spotted out in the town, heading out on a date with her Boy toy Tanaka. In typical fashion, Mariah showed plenty of mind blowing cleavage in a her tight plunging leather dress, as she headed out for her  dinner date in New York City.
Singer Mariah Carey shows off curvaceous body
Recently Carey who is universally known as a hard to please diva,  explained that it was her mother's diva like behavior as an opera singer that influenced and spawned her own qualities.

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