Usain Bolt ends career in injury during final race bursts into tears

- 8/13/2017
Bolt is the greatest athlete in track and field history, and he was expected to go out with a bang. But Usain Bolt's career ended in injury disappointment in his final ever race on  Saturday, August 12, 2017.
Sprinter Usain Bolt career ends in injury
The world's fastest man Bolt who has dominated the sport like a demi-god, pulled up with an injury while running the final leg of the 4x100-meters final for Jamaica at the 2017 IAAF World Championships being held in London. The race which was hugely anticipated by his fans ended in a huge disappointment , as the 30-year-old sprint icon failed to finish the race after he dropped to the tracks from an unexpected injury. The sad spectacle was quite unusual because it is the first time in his illustrious career that he has failed to finish a race in an international track championship final. 

During the heated race, the Jamaican was already behind and chasing the British and American teams after receiving the baton for the home straight. People expected fireworks reminiscient of American Carl Lewis finishing explosively in his final ever relay race back in 1992. But unfortunately, he started the final leg of the race, but didn't even come close to the finish line before pulling up with an injury. He dropped to the tracks in pain and burst into tears—more from heartbreak than physical pain. 
World's fastest man Usain Bolt career ends
But despite the horror ending to his amazing career,  he  was given a well deserved  standing ovation after the race.

Last week he also suffered a shock defeat to his greatest rival, American Justin Gatlin in his final ever 100 metre race.

Usain Bolt ends his career with 11 World Championships gold medals and 8 Olympic gold medals. He also has a Net worth of $34.2 million, and is the 23rd highest paid athlete in the world according to Forbes. 
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