Crocodile attack: British Financial Times reporter killed by deadly beast

- 9/20/2017
After a thorough search,  the Sri Lankan navy divers finally found the body of Financial Times reporter killed by crocodile.
Financial Times reporter killed by crocodile
The British journalist  who was on holiday with friends in Sri Lanka when he was attacked by the deadly reptile.

According to Police, young Paul Stewart McClean, who was a reporter for the Financial Times, was reported missing on Thursday afternoon in a lagoon near the city of Panama. He disappeared after walking some distance away from his friends.

His friends had no idea what had become of him, but the authorities told them he had probably been a victim of a crocodile attack.

Officials of  the British embassy in Colombo Sri Lanka have been informed by the police. 

Popular Panama beach, which is about 190 miles southeast of of Colombo the capital, is a tourist attraction.

Infact the fatal attack which was unobserved by McLean's friends, occurred near Panama beach, which is famous with tourists and attracts lovers of the water, surfing and other beach sports. He had gone to the bathroom at a lagoon near the beach. It is suspected he was grabbed while washing his hands. Witnesses said they saw him frantically wave his hands in the air before being dragged down.

In a tribute to their late staff, James Lamont, the Financial Times' managing editor, described McClean as "a talented, energetic and dedicated young journalist" who had "a great career ahead of him."

His body was recovered the next day on Friday. 

The tragic incident was not the only crocodile death with occurred recently. Although the second one,though equally horrific, occurred in another croc famous country, and was caused by one man's total disrespect for the deadly reptile. 

A self-proclaimed shaman who was known for his supposed ability to control the deadly creature through spiritual power, was killed by a crocodile in Indonesia just minutes after telling an adoring crowd he could control the beast.  The mystic, who was named Suprianto, jumped into the croc infested water and waited silently. Shortly after, a shadowy figure swam up to him. 
Killed by crocodile
Suprianto who claimed to be a  'pawang buaya' meaning—crocodile shaman had a reputation of being able to control the reptile's behavior. But it was shattered when he was attacked by the crocodile and drowned.

Good deed gone bad. He had actually jumped into water in hopes of  recovery another man's body who had earlier been killed by a croc. Unfortunately he joined him.

The crowd was shocked when the reptile swam up and dragged him down trashing.  Eventually, when the crocodile resurfaced—there was no Suprianto. 

Police later reported that they recovered the two bodies. 

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