Floyd Mayweather Networth Explodes after Conor Mcgregor fight as he becomes highest paid athlete ever

- 9/05/2017

Mayweather's earnings from McGregor fight puts him atop richest athletes list

Floyd Mayweather is a record breaker on all fronts. And even though he is now in retirement, his records just keep coming. The 40 year old boxer didn’t only improve his fight record to a perfect 50-0 by beating Irish mixed martial arts champion Conor Mcgregor, he also cemented his legacy as the best boxer of his generation with that win on Saturday night by surpassing Heavyweight boxing legend Rocky Marciano's record of highest number of fights with no defeats.
Floyd Mayweather Networth after Mcgregor fight
And as for the money he made from his incredible career?  Floyd Mayweather's net worth has shot through the roof after beating Conor Mcgregor in the 10 round of their super fight. 'Money'  earned more than any other boxer. Infact he has made a place for himself at the top the list of the highest paid athletes ever,  for just one night’s work. 

The total of Mayweather’s final payday after the fight is determined by the pay-per-view sales and the ticket revenue from his super-fight with the trash talking Irishman at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. His guaranteed pay of $100 million already puts him well past Cristiano Ronaldo's record earnings of $93 million for the year.  While McGregor isnt looking too shabby himself after making at least $30 million from the fight outright to land his biggest payday ever.
But the truly remarkable thing though, is that both fighters will end up making at least two and a half and three and a half times those paychecks.

Most projections have the fight breaking all PPV records before it. Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight in mid 2015 was the current leader. But now Mayweather himself has estimated that he’ll earn close to $300 million for the his bout with Conor. This puts his career earnings at a staggering $1 billion or more since he went into the fight with career earnings of over  $700 million.

While legendary athletes from other sport like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have both made 10 figures since they became professionals,  both did it with the help out of outside endorsements. But remarkably, Mayweather’s earnings came from solely from boxing. An unprecedented feat which will clear make him one of the highest paid celebrities in the world.
Floyd Mayweather Networth makes him highest paid athlete
Mayweather’s projections could be slightly high. Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports has estimated that the undefeated boxer will earn $250 million if the PPV reaches 4.6 million buys or breaks the record.

Mayweather vs Oscar De LA Hoya sold 2.4 million in  PPV. While his bout with Philipino boxing great Pacquiao sold 3 million. Estimates for his bout with Mcgregor is set to top 4.6 million in PPV sales.

Currently,Celebrity Net Worth puts Mayweather’s net worth at a whopping  $560 million. This smashes his previous net worth of $400 million prior to his career ending bout. 

Forbes estimated Mayweather’s net worth to be $340 million as of December 2016. With a guaranteed check of $100 million, that would put his current net worth at $440 million, though that would certainly change in the coming months because of PPV revenue and taxes.

So check this out Floyd spent about 36 minutes in the ring with Pacquiao and earned somewhere between $300 million. He finished of McGregor in less than 30 minutes, to earn even more than that. 

Known for his amazing business instincts as well as his extravagant lifestyle and outlandish spending,  Floyd owed the IRS almost $23 MIL before the fight in Las Vegas. It was a debt that didn't trouble him at all, since his earnings guaranteed him sums that would make payment easier for him than most other sportsmen in the world today. His nickname of 'Money' is no joke at all. 


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