Highest grossing horror movies of all time goes to Stephen King's IT

- 9/30/2017
Many great Hollywood Horror movies have made a name for themselves when it comes to scaring the hairs off audiences for decades now. But if you were to ask movie insiders, they'd tell you that this genre of film is one of the hardest to make, and one if the hardest to score a blockbuster with.
Highest grossing horror movies Stephen King It
Don't get me wrong, there are millions and millions of horror fans out there, who just can't do without their daily or weekly dose of scares. I am almost one of them myself. It's incredible to see just how many people love a good scare. Scary movies are memorable. They tend to remain with you long after you've seen them. 

Top earning Hollywood Horror movies in history 

But now I want to show you the highest grossing horror movies of all time. And the winner is—IT. Yes that Pennywise the clown and a host of other terrifying stuff has succeeded in taking our money and smiling to the bank, by scaring us silly.

The number one bestselling book IT by Stephen King is a masterpiece. The man who brought us terrifying tales like Carrie, Tommy Knockers, The shining and Misery, is truly the master of horror. But IT is widely considered by many to be his greatest effort.

I don't dispute with that at all. Honestly I loved the book—in that awe struck and horrified way that only King's work can make you feel. 

Incredibly, the newly released movie did the book justice, and  continues to burn up the box office. And now it has earned it's rightful place atop feature films for this category.

It has officially benched all time greatest the Exorcist. The remarkable Andy Muschietti-directed picture was expected to surpass The Exorcist, which eventually went on to earn $232.9 million USD from the global box office. But it has done so by reaching and surpassing $500 million at the box office.
Stephen King's IT top grossing horror movie
After its powerful surge, several industry insiders had IT pegged to exceed $300 million USD. But it has blown every prediction out of the way and still going strong.

 This means it follows movies like The Passion of the Christ, Deadpool and American Sniper as only the fourth R-rated film to reach such high earnings. 

Strangely and hauntingly, it all fell mainly on the shoulders of that terrifying clown!  Tasked with mighty big shoes to fill, many feel Bill SkarsgĂ„rd’s chilling portrayal of Pennywise more than lived up to expectations — even surpassing Tim Curry’s equally-impressive adaption of the creepy clown in the 1990 made-for-TV movie version. 

There have been great Horror films in the past that have gained a cult following. Films like The Blair Witch project, The Ring, Carrie,The Exorcist, the shining, and one of the all time scariest horror movies ever—Omen. 

It now appears that IT will find a solid place amongst these Iconic predecessors of chilling terror. 

I know you Fans of the the spine tingling flicks have your own opinions about which flick should rule this genre. I have my personal favorites, with the hypnotically horrifying Omen Part one as my favorite.

I bet you have your best of the best.  Let us know which scare flick gets you the most, and where you'd rank this Stephen King classic amongst the greatest of all time Hollywood Horror films

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