Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose: who has the hotter Celebrity body(photos)

- 9/22/2017

Hottest Celebrity bodies of Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose 

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian photos
Which one of these curvaceous celebrities is hotter?  When the bikinis come on and the sizzling bodies are put on display,which one of these popular selfie Queens will come out on top?
Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian bikini photos
Despite a great disparity in their social media fanbase, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose are still two of Hollywood's hottest stars. But who has the hottest Celebrity body?

Apart from their sizzling looks, they are also two celebs who aren't afraid to bare it all.
For years now, their bikini bodies have been raising pulses where ever they show up.
It might be unfair to compare these two hottie,  because they are both mind blowing gorgeous. But compare them we must. They are obviously both head turners, but who would make you do a double take?
Hot Amber Rose bikini
A hottie face off between Kim Kardashian, 36, and Amber Rose, 33 is a curve lover's dream.
It's no secret that both Kim and Amber are sizzling hot; and we just can't decide which star takes the victory when it comes to poolside rep.
Sexy Kim Kardashian photos
Love them or hate them, one of the many things we know about Kim and Amber is the fact that they're not afraid to flaunt their figures! And, why should they be? — Both stars are known to have worked tirelessly in the gym to earn their famous toned tummies, tight legs and amazing arms. 
The fact that Kim has two kids and Amber one ,makes their fitness all the more incredible.
Hot Amber Rose photos

They are truly a sight for sore eyes everytime they showup. Kim most recently showed off her insane figure when she stepped out to support her good friend, Olivier Rousteing at the Balmain Boutique Opening Celebration in LA, July 21! She showed off her tiny waist and six-pack abs in a white bra and curve-hugging skirt. And, she looked fabulous!
Kim Kardashian bikini body
Ever since her reputation as a Bootylicious babe took a bashing from her un-airbrushed butt photos, Kim K seems to have bounced right back to reclaim her place. Although critics continue to lash out at her for 'fooling' her fans with Photoshoped images,  her fan base continues to grow. 

Ever wondered what Kim's diet and fitness secrets are? — Well, it's most people who follow them closely, would know that all of the Kardashian sisters are workout fanatics. The raw dedication they have towards keeping their bodies in shape is admirable. Each of them are clearly aware that their body is their money and fame. Neglecting it is popularity suicide.

However,  one of the most delightful things is that each sister has her own fitness regimen, and hardly encroaches on the other. 
Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose bikini bodies
But the reality stars tend to share their sought-after trainer, Don Brooks, aka Don-A-Matrix. He is obviously doing a super job. 

As for dieting,  Kim has credited Atkins as her go-to diet, while Kourtney, 38, sticks to her organic lifestyle; and, Khloe, 33, sticks to many smalls meals, often cutting out dairy in her diet. While their diets may be different, the results are usually remarkable. 

As for Amber her famous bust, curvaceous body and peroxide close cropped hair is as dazzling as it is unique.

Her photos have often been known to lead to controversy, with critics complaining she bares too much skin. But that didn't stop the TV and social media star to pull off a shocking instagram pose that left little to the imagination, a few months back. 

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