Legendary Country singer Don Williams dead at 78 and tribute pours in for Gentle giant

- 9/15/2017
Sad, Some broken hearts never mend—Country music legend Don Williams is dead at the age of 78. It's a loss for the entertainment world that is hard to quantify.
Country singer Don Williams dead
Don Williams(photo Webster PR) 
I grew up listening to the gentle giant with the soothing baritone voice. And one thing I quickly realized, is that powerful and almost therapeutic effect of listening to a Don Williams song. Whether you are in love or you've just suffered a broken heart, it gets you.  Whether you are discouraged in life or full of hope for the future, Don's lyrics, melody—and yes,  that voice, somehow seems to reach your heart at its most needy moments. 

The reason for this is simple—Williams sang songs for the soul. And his songs stayed with you long after you've heard them. 

Proffesionaly he had an astounding career—Williams had a staggering  17 No. 1 hits singles before he retired in 2016.

He was a force of nature for sure,  as well as an irreplaceable asset to the country music genre.

He was nicknamed “the Gentle Giant,”  and it was no pun. Don was well over 6 feet tall and had a calm and gentle manner. The fact that he had one of the richest voices in Country music history only made the combination much more exciting. His gentle delivery and storytelling style became a brand, earning him legion of fans, even though he toured sparingly.

He was an extremely private person, and only did few media interviews, preferring to spend much of his time on his farm west of Nashville.

In a rare interview with the Associated Press in 1994, these were his remarks on the ups and downs of his fame:

“It’s one of those blessings and curses kind of things,” Williams said  “If you have the talent, it’s a blessing. But there’s times that … a lot of the prices that you have to pay to be a part of it is a curse. But as far as … the way people have responded to what I’ve done, there’s very few things in my life that I’ve done that come anywhere close to making you feel exhilarated and humbled and fulfilled and challenged and all that, all at the same time.”

Some of his greatest and most memorable  hits included “I Believe in You,” ″Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good,” ″You’re My Best Friend,” ″Some Broken Hearts Never Mend,” ″Till the Rivers All Run Dry” and “Back in My Younger Days.”

Tribute poured in on social media from celebrities and fans of the country icon.

 American Country artiste Rodney Atkins called him One of the greatest to ever sing a country song.

Born in Floydada, Texas, Don Williams had the amazing record of having 42 of his 46 singles  in the top 10 between 1974 and 1991.

To formally cement his legend, in 2010, he was inducted into the Country music Hall of Fame.

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