Shocking Rio Ferdinand becomes boxer:Former Manchester United defender joins boxing at 38

- 9/19/2017
In a dramatic switch of sports,  Former Red Devils  defender Rio Ferdinand becomes a boxer, and will now be seeking a boxing license!
Rio Ferdinand becomes proffesional boxer
In an unexpected twist, the former Manchester United defender Ferdinand, shocked fans when he made the announcement today.

For years he was a proffesional footballer of the highest level, winning numerous accolades and trophies in the sport of football. But at the age of 38, and after using solely his legs and feet in sports for more than two decades, he has now made a switch to a dangerous sport that only uses hands.  Many feel the retired soccer player is out of his mind. 

Although followers of his Instagram account will not be too surprised, since hints of his interest in boxing has been showing up in his posts. For one thing, he has been keeping himself in incredible shape and has bulked up considerably more that we have ever seen him. He is even working hard with boxing trainers who actually believe he's got some real skills. But what about a real chance? 

Rubbing shoulders with great fighters. Ferdinand is friends with world champion heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua, and close associates of the ex-footballer say he has been spending increasing amounts of time in the gym since the devastating death of his wife, Rebecca Ellison, two years ago.
Former Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand becomes boxer

 Rio relies heavily on his personal trainer Mel Deane to keep him in super shape since retiring from active football.

He won't be the first ex-football player to put on gloves and head into the ring.

Former Sheffield United star Curtis Woodhouse, became a boxer after leaving football.

In a recent Instagram video Rio called out some of the biggest names in the heavyweight division.

Ferdinand shouts:

"Tony Bellew? I’m here. I’m waiting. I’m ready, pal. Are you ready?

"David Haye, you want some? I’m here, mate. I’m here. Working.
"AJ, we had a holiday together, mate, Dubai. I’ll take you out. I will cut you down. I’ll take you out, AJ! Come on son! You want some!"

Well!  At least this will either be shocking fun or cringe worthy scary to watch—if he does go through with it. Boxing has a way of turning fight dreamers into pained and brutalized respecter of the sport.

But whether Rio Ferdinand can pull this off or not, one thing is for certain—the man has some guts to even try.

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