Top 10 most handsome actors in Hollywood now(photos)

- 9/23/2017
World's most handsome actors
Have you ever taken a really close look at some of the top male stars acting today?  Maybe you have often wondererd whom are the most Handsome actors on our screens right now? Hollywood is not just the home of movies, but also the home of glizt, glamour and above all— the abode of very talented and very beautiful people. 

Infact, history records that the first time legendary British actor Stewart Granger visited Hollywood, he was blown away by the vast array of good looking men and women who were pumping gas at petrol stations or serving drinks at bars!

He later got to understand that all these amazing looking people, who seemed more like they belonged in front of an audience, rather than behind a supermarket cash register, were actually dreamers and seekers of fame who came to the movie capital of the world to realize their dreams. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to become a Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie. 

The following group of super talented actors bring more than just their acting skills into our lives. Over the years,  they have infused our collective consciousness with their often breathtaking beauty and sex appeal. 

They are are the top 10 sexiest actors in the world today, and we have had the privilege and the pleasure of having them grace our lives with their stunning good looks. 

I know there's a saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So you may not all agree with my selection of actors here. But one thing is for certain—You can never get bored staring at these handsome stars. 

10. Henry Cavill
Handsome actor Henry Cavill
Chiseled superman star Cavill is as Hunky as they come. The sexy muscleman known best for playing the Man of steel, has a commanding onscreen presence, a captivating stare and rugged good looks. He is billed to make an appearance opposite Tom Cruise in the Upcoming MI6.

9. Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling handsome Hollywood actors

When you are this hot in Hollywood, your female fanbase is sure to skyrocket in no time at all. Women of all ages find this blond haired hottie irresistible. 
The Sexy Canadian actor and Musician Ryan Gosling is that hot. The 36 year old star turned us all to romantics after he started in 2004's 'The Notebook' 
Gosling is married to hot Latino actress Eva Mendes. and musically, his band —Dead man's bones just released a studio album.

8. Michael B Jordan
Handsome black actors Michael B Jordan
Handsome Black actor, B Jordan is a television and movie star.  You will recognize him from HBO's The Wire. And he dazzled us with his looks and rock hard abs when he played opposite Sylvester Stallone in the blockbuster boxing movie Creed. We had no choice but to take notice of just how good he looks. 

7. Chris Hemsworth
Hottest Hollywood actors Chris Hemsworth
Australian actors have been stunning Hollywood  with their own remarkable brand of hotness for years now. And Chris Hemsworth is no different. The sexy Aussie star looked Mercurial in Box office hit Thor, and in a host of other outstanding performances. The 34 year old muscly hottie is our 7th most handsome actor in the world.

6. Johnny Depp
Handsome Hollywood actors Johnny Depp
For years Mr Depp has captivated audiences with his unique and almost exotic look. The Pirates of the Caribbean star has often been listed amongst the world's most handsome men, and for good reason too. Famed for his method acting as pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands as well as his unforgettable portrayal in Alice in the wonderland, this multi talented actor and musician is a bundle of hotness and talent. 

5.  George Clooney
Hottest Hollywood actors George Clooney

For years this silver haired hunky actor has hypnotized fans with his unwavering attractiveness. The two time Academy award winning actor who for many years was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, before he finally broke hearts all over globe, when he tied the knot with the beautiful Amal Clooney. 

From his days on 90's hospital Drama ER until now, the 56 year old is still scorching hot. 

world's sexiest actors Tom Cruise
With his cute and compact frame, perfect hair, amazing Skin and dazzling smile, Hollywood A-list actor Tom cruise has imprinted his looks in our minds forever. We loved him in Top Gun, Jerry McGuire and as the unstoppable Ethan Hunt in the blockbuster movie Franchise Mission impossible. But most of all we loved his onscreen and off screen aura and appeal. His latest drama 'American Made' is in theaters right now.

3. Brad Pitt
Most Handsome actors in Hollywood Brad Pitt
When he showed up as a hitch Hiker opposite Susan Sarandon and Gina Davis in 90's hit Thelma and Louise, the world took a collective sharp intake of breath. Before us was the most dazzling hitch hiker we have ever seen. For decades, Brad has been synonymous with sexy and handsome. He has one of the most beautiful head of hair you have ever laid eyes on. And that smile—a curious combination of hypnotic and bewitching. I mean this man can charm the spots off a leopard!

2. Robert Pattinson
most handsome actors Robert Pattinson
'I'm Edward Cullen' and we don't mind getting bitten by you!  I mean never in movie history has a blood sucking vampire been so hot. English actor Robert Pattison exploded into our hearts and minds when he played a hot vampire Cullen in the Twilight movies. He captivated his co-Star and the rest of us with his almost surreal and striking features.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio
Most handsome Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio
Never has a man been so hot for so long in Hollywood. You have to understand that this Oscar winner has been a hunk ever since he was a kid in 1993 movie 'What's eating Gilbert Grape'. The incredible thing is that he seems to get hotter everytime we see him, on and off the screen. His boyishly stunning beauty combined with his incredible eyes and amiable manner, has made this hot star a bona fide ladies man.

Well you just saw the hottest actors in Hollywood Movies today. If you feel I left someone out of this top 10 list who deserves to be on it—let me know the actor you have in mind. 

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