10 most beautiful female singers in the world right now(Photos)

- 10/17/2017
Imagine a woman with looks that can bloom flowers, and a voice that can sing birds to  sleep? Wouldn't that be an incredible person to know? Well the 10 women on this list cannot exactly  do the super stuff I mentioned above, but if there are any who come closest, it's the women on this list. And I'm not kidding!
Most beautiful female singers
These hot female singers have been blessed with dazzling beauty and soul stirring voices. And some of them have been entertaining us for years now.  Even the older artistes amongst them were breathtaking in their prime, and are still stunning today.
They are the most beautiful female singers in the World today. The top 10, best of the best of them. You know it, I know it,  and above all—they know it, even as they continue to captivate  us  year after year. All right guys and girls,  let's meet these gorgeous singers shall we? Here they are:

Top 10 hottest female singers this year

10. Kylie Minogue
Most beautiful female artistes

Strangely this beauty started off as an actress, gaining recognition on Australian TV sitcom Neighbors between 1986 and 1988. In 1987 she released two successful pop singles and a career in music beckoned. The following year she shot her last episode of Neighbors and left the series to focus on her skyrocketing music career.

9. Beyonce 
Beyonce beautiful female singers
Being married to Jay Z and not being overshadowed by his mega stardom status, can only be because you are mega star yourself. And that's exactly what Beyonce is. She also happen to be one of the hottest female artistes in the world. I bet you didn't know that the word Bootylicious which was coined by the singer,  has made its way into global dictionaries, as an official English word. And that is one word that can be used to describe the 36 year old. Her hot curvy body and  stunning face is simply unforgettable.

8. Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys beautiful female singers
She hails from African American and Caucasian parents and she is as hot as you can imagine. Keys possesses a rare kind of beauty that portrays a flawless and ageless look. Her decision several months ago to start going without Makeup, proved what a truly natural beauty she is.

7. Arianna Grande
Ariana Grande beautiful female singers
The hypnotically beautiful Ariana Grande is an American singer and actress who began her career in 2008. Not surprisingly, the 24 year old star has risen so far and so fast in the music industry. Her last studio album had critics comparing her vocal range to those of Mariah Carey. It's more than a compliment, it's a legendary stamp of approval and greatness.

6. Shakira
Shakira beautiful female singers
Ever since she burst onto the scene with her exquisite voice, seductive dance moves and mind blowing beauty, Shakira has held the world in her grasp. Willing prisoners of her Charisma and sex appeal. Born in February 1977, this hot female artiste who's father is a Lebanese American and her mother a Colombian, brought a unique kind of style into pop music culture. And it was a hit. Her legion of fans worldwide and her Grammy Awards say it all.

5 Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift beautiful female singers
You might remember her as a lanky and gifted teenager in the mid 2000s. Not anymore, she has blossomed into one of the most beautiful women in the world. American pop and country singer Taylor Swift is tall and shapely and gorgeously hot!
The 27 year old star is also one of the most popular female singers on the planet now. On Instagram she is the sixth most followed Person, with 104 million followers and counting.

4.Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez beautiful female singers
Curvaceous and Bootylicious Latino pop singer Jennifer Lopez is in her late 40s but looks 20 years younger, and increasingly beautiful. Often ranked on the top 10 lists of beautiful women on earth, the Singer, actress and entrepreneur is a bombshell of hottness.

3. Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger beautiful female singers
When she emerged as the lead vocalist of one of the most successful girl bands in history—The Pussycat dolls, the world held a collective breath. Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me Lyric, from one of the band's hit singles,  was an apt description of how a lot of guys felt at that moment.

2. Rihanna
Rihanna hottest female singers
This beauty's full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. And she is a Super sexy singer from Barbados. The 29 year old crooner is not just pretty, she is incredibly talented and successful. Infact, with hit after hit for the past 10 years,  Riri has amassed a ton of awards,and record breaking acts in the music world. She is the youngest person in history to have 14 number one singles to her name. This ranks her third behind The Beatles and Mariah Carey for artists with the most number ones. Hey first chart topping single was SOS in 2006. 

With her beautiful face and body, Rihanna is one hot curvaceous package of looks, brains and talent.

1. Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani beautiful female singers
American singer, songwriter, actress and fashion designer Gwen Stefani is so Hot, it's a thrilling pleasure everytime you see her. Blond and loaded to overflowing with heartbreaking sex appeal, Stefani who made her mark with Rock band No doubt in the early and Mid 90s, is also a successful solo artiste, with her three solo albums so far emerging as critical and commercial successes.

 You just witnessed the combined and awesome power of staggering beauty and remarkable musical talent, by the hottest female artistes on the planet.

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