10 most popular TV shows in the world right now

- 10/04/2017

See The 10 best shows on Television now

These days Tons of Shows are pouring into our lives through television, far more than any other time in entertainment history. Several new shows are emerging every week. And believe me, the competition for viewers is so fierce, that a series has to be something really special to hang in there week after week, with out getting dropped by the networks.
Best TV shows in the world
Personally I've seen some great series get rested, while some other mediocre ones keep going strong, or just hanging on by the skin of their teeth. Viewers are really unpredictable, so producers tread carefully when trying to get their attention. It's a real headache for the new sitcoms to find and keep a place in this  chaotic world of television shows

Sometimes we the audiences just need a little help to sift through  the huge pile of shows and get to know the most popular TV shows in the world at the moment.
One thing I always say is this—You can't watch them all. You are going to get old on your couch trying to catch up with all the emerging ones. And trust me, they don't trickle out—they flood! So be smart. And If you aren't, I'll help you out here with this article.

I promise to update it regularly with the best shows on TV for you. So always check back for the trending ones. 

For these shows, ratings  are everything. It's the system that measures a show's popularity with audiences.  Sometimes a show might start off strong and fizzle out in the next few seasons, while some shows have started quite weakly and waxed strong with audience approval as time went on. 
Most popular TV series
Unfortunately, not all networks can keep faith with a show. Many are axed after the first season to make room for the countless more jostling for a place to become the next Seinfeld, or Friends, or 24 or Breaking bad.  

It's a real jungle out there. So let me help you take it a little. The Emmy Awards  have only recently, with lots of winners and losers emerging for the coveted award. Although The awards ceremony results can always be a good place to start when seeking the best programs, it's not always accurate in terms of the highest rated or most popular Television.

Here are your best shows on TV right now. They're the most gripping and most watched of all this season. Infact some of them have been quite popular for several seasons now.

Check them out and take your pick:

10. Grey's Anatomy: Romance, Drama. 2005- This hospital drama is has run for almost 12 Years and still going strong. It centers around surgical interns and doctors. Delving into their complex and entertaining personal and professional lives.
Most popular television shows

9. Gotham: Action,Drama. 2014-  Batman hasn't arrived yet and Gotham city needs a hero. Detective James Gordon is up to the task in this gripping action packed drama. 

8. This is Us: Drama,Comedy. 2016-  A fascinating group of individuals have their lives intertwined in ways that have kept audiences hooked since the beginning of the season.

7. Narcos: Crime, Drama,Biography. 2015-  An indepth look at the criminal lives of Colombian drug lords. Centered mainly around drug Baron Pablo Escobar.

6. Outlader: Drama, Romance.  2014- Time travel with a twist. World War II combat nurse finds herself swept back in time to the hostilities of 1743 England and Scotland.

5. Orville: Drama, Adventure,Comedy. 2017. Follow the intriguing exploits of an interstellar crew as they travel between the stars in a faulty ship 400 years in the future. 

4. American Horror story: Horror, drama, thriller.  2011- Witches,haunted houses, cults, insane asylums, and murders. You name it, American Horror story has got it. With Kathy Bates and Lady Gaga starring, you are sure to get some real creative weirdness. It centers around different characters in different locations.
Top rated TV shows in the world

3. Rick and Morty: Adventure,animation,drama. The only animated show in the top 10. Follow the adventures of a brilliant scientist and his dumb grandson. 

2. Star Trek:Discovery. Drama, Sci-fi. 2017. Even after decades, Star Trek is still gripping fans all over the world. This on centers on one star fleet officer's discovery of a alien races alongside his crew in the USS Discovery, 10 years before the coming of Captain Kirk and Spock.  

1. Game of Thrones: Adventure,drama,Fantasy. 2011- This one hardly needs any introduction. It's been the top ranked show for over 5 years now. The Land of Westeros is the prize, as nine noble families battle each other for the Iron throne, so that the Victor can rule over the seven Kingdoms. But as they selfishly fight each other, a greater threat from the dead lurk at their door. A threat so great it could jeopardize the survival of their entire world of the living. 
Best television shows on air now

Is your head spinning or what? If you are  looking for the top 10 best shows on TV? Well, you just found them. This list will be regularly updated on Nelstorm to show what is trending right now. Keep checking back. 


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