7 singers with most number one hit singles in history of Billboard hot 100 chart

See the top 8 ranked singers who have the most number one hit singles in music Billboard hot 100 chart history.

Singers with highest number one songs 

Singers with most number one songs
This list covers the top recording artistes you could rightfully call world's greatest singers ever. They are the artistes who released more chart topping singles than any other on The U.S Billboard Hot 100 chart.  These legendary men and women are the singers with most number one singles in the world at this very moment.

While reading this you've got to remember that the Billboard chart is a 59 year old listing. Great music and musicians existed before then, with one major artiste taking the cake for the most number ones recorded before the chart's era. 

So at the end of this article we will also give this megastar his well deserved due in the music industry. We'll officially call him our number 2 Chart topping singer here.

The following recording artistes are undoubtedly the best singers to grace our lives with their sound. And we have great memories of some of the timeless songs by these crooners. 
One name on this list is an enigma. The quick rate of her success at such a young age is outstanding.

Although a few artistes on the list have passed on, their music and record breaking legacy remains unbroken and continues to Wax strong even with a wave of emerging artistes looking to topple them from the music pedestals they have maintained for years. So far very few have successfully come close to these icons. 

Let's meet the most popular singers the world has ever seen and check out how many number one hit singles they have.

7. Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson—10.
Singers with most number one hit singles
Inspiring American Singer songwriter Stevie Wonder and female pop sensation Janet Jackson are tied at number 7 with 10 chart topping hits apiece.

Stevie Wonder did not let his lack of sight stop him from powering to the top with hit after hit. Here they are:

You are the sunshine of my life 
You haven't done nothing 
I wish
Sir Duke
Ebony and Ivory(with Paul McCartney)
I just called to say I love 
Part time lover
That's what friends are for 

Janet Jackson: It couldn't have been easy being the sister of the world's most famous singer and still holding your own. Janet scored 10 number one singles:

When I think of you 
Black cat
That's the way love goes
Together again
Love will never do(without you)
Miss you much
Doesn't really matter 
All for you

6. Whitney Houston—11
Music artistes with most number one hit songs
Houston is an Icon of the music industry. And even though she passed on aged 49, she released several albums and scored 11 number one singles prior to her untimely death. They are as follows:

Saving all my love for you 
How will I know 
Greatest love of all
I wanna dance with somebody 
Didn't we almost have it all
So emotional 
Where do broken hearts go 
I'm your baby tonight 
All the man that I need
I will always love you(this cover of Dolly Parton's song was Houston's biggest hit spending 14 weeks at number One).

5. Madonna and The Supremes—12.
Billboard hot 100 chart toppers
Pop Queen Madonna and the Most successful female group in history, The Supremes tie at number five with twelve chart toppers each.

Madonna—American singing sensation Madonna scored some of the most memorable hits from the 80s to year 2000.

Like a virgin
Crazy for you 
Live to tell
Papa don't preach 
Open your heart
Who's that girl 
Like a prayer 
Justify my love
This used to be my playground 
Take a bow

The Supremes—A trio made up of Diana Ross,Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson, achieved the group's hits between the mid and late 60s. 
Here they are:

Where did our love go
Baby love
Come see about me
Stop! In the name if love
Back in my arms again 
I hear a symphony 
You can't hurry love
You keep me hangin' on
Love is here and now you're gone
The happening
Love child
Someday we'll be together 

4.Michael Jackson—13
Michael Jackson Billboard number one hit singles
The King of pop. Legendary American singer songwriter,producer and entertainer Michael Jackson had 13 number one hits between 1972 and 1995. He is also one of two artistes in history(the other is Katy Perry) to have 5 number ones from a single album.

Here are the gloved One's number one songs:

Ben (he was aged just 13)
Don't stop till you get enough 
Rock with you 
Billie Jean 
Beat it
I just can't stop loving you 
The way you make me feel 
Man in the mirror 
Dirty Diana
Black or white 
You are not alone

*Jackson also had a number one hit Say Say Say(duet with Paul McCartney) from the former Beatles album.

3. Rihanna —14
Rihanna Billboard number one hits
Barbadian singer Rihanna comes in third on the list with 14 number one singles to her name. Aged just 29, she is the youngest person, male or female to appear on this elite list of chart topping singers. The following  are her singles:

Take a bow.
Live your life.
Rude boy.
Love the way you lie(featuring Eminem). 
Only girl (in the world).
What's my name(featuring Drake) .
We found love(10 weeks at number one).
The Monster(Another Eminem collaboration).

2. Mariah Carey/Elvis Presley —18
Mariah Carey number one hits

Reputed to have one of the best singing voices in music history, beautiful  American singer, songwriter and producer Mariah Carey is the highest ranking female singer on the list. Her 18 number one hit singles are an impressive tally for the super talented 40 year old. 
The self confessed diva is also one of the most consistent performers ever.
Her top hits are as follows:

Vision of love 
Love take time 
I don't wanna cry (these first four hits are from a single album—a self titled album by the star in 1990) 
I'll be there (a cover of the Jackson 5 hit)
Dream lover
One sweet day(This collaboration with Boys to Men spent 16 weeks on top and still holds the records for longest time spent on number one by any song)
Always be my baby
My all 
Thank God I found you
We belong together 
Don't forget about Us 
Touch my body 

1. The Beatles—20
The Beatles number one hit singles
English male group The Beatles are the most successful and most popular singers in music history. The extremely talented quartet consisted of John Lennon, Ringo Starr,George Harrison and Paul McCartney. Lennon and McCartney were the group's songwriters. Infact the pair hold another record—the highest number of number ones penned by a songwriter. Lennon has 26, McCartney has a mind boggling 32!

And one of the scariest thing about The Beatles is that they achieved all their hits in just about six years, between 1964 and 1970. They have broken more records and scored more chart topping songs in more countries than any other artiste living or dead. 

Here are The Beatles record breaking 20 number one songs, which makes them one of the most successful entertainers of all time:

Hey Jude
I want to hold your hand 
She loves you 
Get back
Let it be
Come together 
Hello Goodbye
A hard day's night
We can work it out 
Can't buy me love
I feel fine
All you need is love
Love me do
Ticket to Ride 
Paperback writer
The long and winding road/for you Blue 
Eight days a week
Penny Lane

The 'King' Elvis Presley.
Earlier in the article I explained that there was an artiste on the list whose case is exceptional. And that singer is Elvis. He achieved 11 number one hits before the Billboard chart era and 7 more Afterwards. 
His first chart topping single was Heartbreak hotel in 1956, and his last—one of my all time favorites was in 1969—Suspicious Minds. 
That puts his tally to 18 number one hits.  If We were to look at it this way, that means it would be a tie between The King and Mariah Carey at number 2 on the list. 

Didn't want your head to spin from all the great artistes and memorable songs on this elite listing.  The music and entertainment world was changed forever by the incredible output and star power of these remarkable men and women. They are truly the greatest musicians of all time. 

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Nelstorms blog-Celebrity news and Entertainment: 7 singers with most number one hit singles in history of Billboard hot 100 chart
7 singers with most number one hit singles in history of Billboard hot 100 chart
See the top 8 ranked singers who have the most number one hit singles in music Billboard hot 100 chart history.
Nelstorms blog-Celebrity news and Entertainment
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