Chris Brown is in love with Jennifer Lopez and fans can't handle it

- 10/24/2017
Chris Brown in love Jennifer Lopez
Imagine Chris Brown and Jennifer Lopez hooking Up!  Wierd yes, but stranger things have happened in the often crazy world of celebrity dating. Not that it happened, but It looks like love rivals Drake and Chris may have the same taste in women. Bad news for both Kasanovas though—because the Latino Bombshell they're pinning for is already taken. And the relationship looks really solid. But that didn't stop R and B singer Brown from making his heart's desire known.

Months after Drake was romantically linked to Jennifer Lopez,(Rumor or fact I guess we'll never know) Brown has declared his love for the songstress in a new interview. A bit of a shocker to fans  when Chris bared his heart on air. 

In a recent interview, the controversial star sat down with Power 105.1 DJ Angie Martinez during a promotional pit-stop for his upcoming album Heartbreak On A Full Moon to discuss everything from the Super Bowl to his new music. And that's when JLo came up.
When Martinez expressed her surprise that Lopez had starred in one of his music videos, he revealed his crush on the singer, who is currently dating retired baseball legend Alex Rodriguez.
Brown had this to say:

"JLo bad man. I'm just letting her know. 'look I might have stiffened up a little bit when I was back at the little show. There was a lot of people back there and I was nervous, my palms were sweaty. I said hi. But I like you and I want you'".

At this point, DJ Martinez sarcastically stated that she is sure that "Arod really appreciates" that he has a thing for his girl. (Fair statement).

However, a clearly undeterred Brown struggled to feign concern as he hit back with a smirk: "You know what playboy, my bad."

Apparantly their considerable age difference means nothing to the love struck Singer. So when Martinez went on to argue that, at 48, Lopez was 20 years older than Brown. He seemed unfazed by the age gap. Adopting a baritone voice, he replied: "She can get it anytime. 70 years old I don't even care."

He then proceeded to tell the story Detailing their first encounter. He admitted that he was  riddled with nerves because "honestly, she's just so bad." Yes she is— Undoubtedly hot!
Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez
They had worked together before. The pair teamed up back in 2013 to make sweet music.  Afterwards, he wrote some tracks for her 2014 album A.K.A. During this time at close quaters with his crush, he claims that he had his business hat on. But things soon changed as soon as he saw her. "You just look at her and be like [sinks into chair]. Why you look like this You look good... stop. Sorry, I apologise already cos you beautiful."

Brown's efforts to win sexy Jennifer Lopez  may be unfruitful  in the face of current circumstances, but a string of high-profile men including rapper P Diddy, actor Ben Affleck whom she infamously almost married, and Marc Anthony were all successful. Don't know if this gives Chris Brown hope or scares the socks off him. But he seems to act like he might have a chance.
Drake and JLo were rumored to be romantically involved, Before she went public in February with her romance with Alex Rodriguez. 

Now maybe that's Chris Brown's real motivation. I mean if his love rival can get that close to his crush, then Why can't he?

If you recall, After Chris Brown and Rihanna drama died down, Drake and Rihanna had an off an on relationship that took its last turn in 2016. They had also dated for a while in 2014.

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