Is Zlatan Ibrahimovich one of the world's greatest footballers

- 10/12/2017
Zlatan Ibrahimovich best footballers world
When it comes to the best footballers in world football history, It's difficult to dismiss this man in anyway. Whatever you want to think about Zlatan Ibrahimovich, one thing remains clear. He is without a doubt one of the world's greatest footballers. The bold talking striker has excelled in every league he has played in. Infact For him, winning trophies is a way of life.  The fact that he makes tough situations look easy both on and off the pitch, only speaks louder of his genius. 
Most recently, he gained further respect from the footballing community, and is now viewed with a certain kind of admiration bordering on awe by his fellow footballers worldwide. 

You can't blame anyone for that though. I mean this man sustained one of the worst injuries recorded last  season, and was supposed to be sidelined for over a year. But the big man greatly shocked everone—including his doubters, by recovering much faster and much stronger than anyone anticipated.

Those who have played with him know one thing about him. His belief in himself is unshakeable. And this has often driven him to excellence in the face of great difficulty.

 You might not be a Manchester United fan, but you just have to admire Zlatan Ibrahimovich. The powerful Swede whose prolific season was cut short by a horrific injury last during a European match for United, has defied the odds as well as the doctors prognosis by recovering faster than anyone ever has from this sort of injury. The 35 year old started stunning doctors back when he had his surgery. The surgeons where so astounded by the amazing condition of his knees after such a long sporting career, they asked if he could return after his career was done, for more studies. 
World's greatest footballers Zlatan Ibrahimovich
He is one of the most powerful footballers playing today. It was reported last season that he broke Manchester United's power record, making him the physically strongest soccer player ever wear the Red Devils Jersey. 

Even though his injury came before he penned a new contract, he is still under the care of United. And his return to first team football is becoming more and more realistic as the days go by. Current Man United manager Jose Mourinho is a firm believer in the larger than life striker, and will not hesitate to use him in the latter part of the season.

Shockingly, It's now been reported  that  Zlatan Ibrahimovic is preparing to return to Manchester United first-team action for their trip to the Emirates to face Arsenal, reports claim.

Clearly the Swedish ace has undergone a phenomenally quick recovery from the serious knee ligament injury he suffered in April and he is set to return to training at Carrington on a daily basis in November! 

The hardworking forward has already been snapped training with club legend Andy Cole as he steps up his regime ahead of what is set to be a stunning comeback in 2017. To think that most critics wrote him off, believing his grevious injury to be career ending.
Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovich best footballers world
Truly there were fears that the former AC Milan, PSG and Barcelona striker’s career was over after his awful injury sustained against Anderlecht in United’s Europa League campaign. But in Ibra's world, it appears that doctors’ diagnoses don't mean much,  as he stunned everyone with his unbelievably rapid recovery rate.

And he is now aiming to make his return to competitive action against Arsenal, something that manager Arsene Wenger will hope doesn't happen. 

 United's super signing Romelu Lukaku has stepped up nicely in Ibrahimovich's absence. Infact the 24 year old Belgian forward has already broken goal scoring record less than halfway through the season.

Everyone knows that the combination of both Lukaku and Zlatan towards the end of the season will bring an explosive boost into a United team that is already playing near flawless football. 

As fans and foe observe the situation and keep their fingers crossed for different reasons, the current English Premier league season rages on. 

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