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- 10/15/2017
Best movies by Angelina Jolie
Beautiful, talented, hot and successful, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is one of the most established A Listers in movies today. But her current place in cinematic history took a long but fruitful road.

Currently the 42 year old American actress, producer, Philanthropist and Human Rights activist has made a number of great films in the course of her career. But amongst these, you will see the top ten best Angelina Jolie movies.

Her tough road to stardom began with her famous father John Voight, when she starred alongside him in the 1982 movie 'Looking to get out'.

Not many people will remember the little girl in that movie, or even the film itself. Jolie was barely 8 years old then. But make no mistake about it, she made her on way to stardom, even though her father was one of the biggest names in Movies then. A legend. 
But the talented and hardworking Angelina kept on pushing. She didn't appear in another movie until a decade passed. And when the moment came, it was a low. Literally speaking, it was a low budget 1993 movie Cyborg 2. A sequel to  the Jean Claude Van Damme film Cyborg. 

The particular low didn't stop her anyway. The mid and late 90s were actually the time Jolie hit her break, and her star really began to shine. And boy did it shine!  

The year 1995 saw her in her first leading role in Hackers. And she gained critical acclaim in George Wallace in 1997 and another true-life story adaptation,  Gia in 1997, both critical successes. 
Angelina Jolie top 10 movies
By then the world has started to pay serious attention to the emerging force of nature that was Jolie. The media started having a field day showcasing her beauty. No pun there. The woman is stunningly beautiful. 

In 1999 Angelina proved to the entire world that she wasn't just a pretty face when she won an Academy award for best supporting actress for her role in Girl Interrupted.

And it was by this time that an unexpected facet of the star came to light—Her prowress in the action genre. In 2001 she starred in Lara croft:Tomb Raider—a video game adaptation. It was a huge hit and showed her as an action actress for the first time. But it was 2005 Mrs and Mrs Smith, wanted 2008 and Salt 2010 that established Jolie forever as a bona fide Hollywood action star.

Her Impressive performance in Changeling in 2008 earned her an Academy award nomination for best actress, cementing her place as one of the world's most popular actresses.
Greatest Angelina Jolie movies
She branched into production in 2008 and has since tried her hand in the directorial chair.

Apart from her Academy award win, Jolie has won three Golden globe awards and two Screen actors Guild awards. 

Did I mention she's hot!  The star who has an American and Cambodian citizenship is known for her incredible beauty and amazing figure. This has led her to appear regularly on the lists of most beautiful women in the world, year after year. 

Angelina has been married thrice. First to Jonny Lee Miller, and then to Billy Bob Thornton and finally? To Brad Pitt from whom she separated last year. She has six children with the Allied actor, three of whom are adopted. 

10 best movies by Angelina Jolie so far

Below are the top 10 movies by Angelina Jolie. A remarkable selection of her greatest hits both critically and commercially. Check out this head spinning list and tell us your fellow Nelstormers what you think. Here they are:

10. Gia— 1997. ( True life adaptation)

9. Changeling—2008. (Academy award nomination best actress)

8. The bone collector— 1999. (With Denzel Washington)

7.  Girl interupted—1999. (Academy award win best supporting actress)

6. Lara croft: Tomb Raider—2001.(First Major action Role) 

5.  Wanted—2008.

4. Salt—2010
Beautiful Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie
3. The Tourist —2010 (With Johnny Depp)

2. Mr. and Mrs Smith—2005. (With Brad Pitt) 

1. Maleficient—2014. (Her biggest commercial success, made $758 million box office). 

You just saw the best Angelina Jolie movies so far. The top 10 greatest movies by one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.
Even though she took a slight Hiatus after her split from husband Brad Pitt, the star is finally back as she promotes her movie 'First they killed my Father'. A film she directed herself.

Well, I bet you have your own Angelina movie favorites. Just let us know what you think in the comments. 

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