Top 10 best movies by Tom Cruise Hollywood A list actor

- 10/06/2017

10 best Tom Cruise movies ever

Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise is still one of the biggest names in entertainment. The Hollywood actor who is considered one of the most bankable stars in the world, started off his career on a mellow note, with a role in the movie Endless love. He was aged 19. Nobody back then would have guessed that the crooked toothed teen(that was years before his popular pearly whites) would end up becoming one of the biggest Hollywood A list actors ever. 
Tom Cruise movies
Truly, he is a movie Demi-god. And now I will show you the 10 best movies by Tom Cruise as listed by Nelstorms official ranking.

 In case you didn't know, he is one of the most dedicated and passionate actors working today. Hardly will you find a more hardworking star in Hollywood. The great news for this hunky star is that his commitment to his art has paid off, and paid big! 
I mean he has scored blockbuster after blockbuster and made a fortune in the process. More often than not, the US box office smiles when a Cruise movie hits the screen—In the tune off hundreds of millions worth of smiles.
Apart from being one of the highest paid A Listers in Hollywood, he is also ranked the 8th highest grossing actor in history. Currently,  his movies have grossed $3.7 billion in the US and $9 billion worldwide. Infact 16 of his films have made more than $100 million in the United States.

Not bad for a guy who  kicked off  his career in a 1981 movie where he was paid $800!
Tom Cruise best Hollywood movies
Tom has never won an Academy award, although he has been nominated three times. He has won several other awards for his outstanding performances in movie roles, including three Golden globe Awards. 

On a more personal note, The 55 year old American actor and producer has been married three times and divorced three times.  His exs are Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Kathy Holmes. The longest of these unions was with Kidman, and it lasted 9 years. He has to three Kids from these marriages. 

By the way,  did I mention just how hard this man works? His most recent movie release American made is a huge success domestically and globally, and is currently in cinemas worldwide. A few months ago, he started in the remake of the Mummy. The movie was hammered by critics and had a Luke warm reception in the United States but was a huge hit overseas. It was one of his rare partial movie flops.

Often called the franchise King, Cruise is currently working on several projects, including Mission Impossible,The Edge of tomorrow 2, and Top Gun 2.
Top 10 Hollywood movies Tom Cruise

Here is a super list of Tom Cruise's best movies. See, feel—and believe. Check them out:

10. Interview with the Vampire. 1994

9. Days of Thunder.  1990

8. Mission impossible: Rouge Nation. 2015

7. Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol. 2011

6. Mission impossible 2. 2000
Tom Cruise movies mission impossible

5. Jerry McGuire. 1996

4. Mission impossible. 1996

3. War of the Worlds. 2005

2. The last Samurai. 2003

1. Top Gun.  1986
Tom Cruise 10 best movies
A Tom Cruise movie is a treat any day, and we would love to see more from this talented Hollywood actor for many more years to come. 

But he should slow down on the dangerous stunts though. It was quite a scare for his fans when he broke his ankle while doing a deadly stunt during mission Impossible 6 filming. The movie had to be put on hold until he healed up. 

I'm sure you Cruise fans have your own favorites of his movies. I agree with you—it's hard to pick the best ones out of so many good movies he has made. Tell me what you think about my list, and then Let Us know your own top ten list in the comment section. And let other Nelstormers tell you what they think.

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