Who are the 10 World's richest men and their current Networth(video)

- 10/29/2017
For a while now it's been clear that popular and ridiculously wealthy Amazon founder Jeff Bezoz has been in the running to top the  world's richest men list.   Infact he has attained the title a few times before, but only briefly. Before being upstaged once again by hard to unseat perpetual Richest Bill Gates.
Jeff Bezos richest men in the world
But like the amazing business man that he is—the one who started an online company out of nothing,  and built it into the biggest online retail giant in the world, he did it again. Which is great. But what made it more shocking is the manner in which he did it this time. Imagine making enough money(precisely $6.24 billion) in a lifetime that will be able to buy lunch for the entire US population at the rate of $19 per lunch?  That would be amazing wouldn't it?  That's a ton of money! And now Imagine making that much money in just 5 minutes. Crazy yes?

Well apparently it's not so crazy after all. Not for the iconic Amazon boss, who became the richest man in the world last week after a skyrocketing of the company stock. He made $6.24 billion in just 5 minutes! 
Yep!  That's the way Bezoz' day went after a huge jump in Amazon stock. 

Formerly the second and sometimes 3rd richest person in the world behind tough to surpass leader Gates, Bezos,  thanks to Amazon's stock jumping a mammoth 7.1 percent yesterday became the richest man on earth. This jump came  after the news of the online company's amazing third-quarter earnings report was released to the public.  It certainly sent confidence rising. As the market closed, Amazon stock was trading at $972 a share; five minutes later in after hours trading, it peaked at a hair raising $1,041.15.
Billionaire Bill Gates world's richest men
And since the founder Bezos currently owns a majority share of about 17 percent of Amazon's common stock, the tycoon ended up with a cash boost of about, $6.24 billion if you do the math.  This crazy boom means that Bezos's total net worth stands at about $93.1billion. This figure should firmly return him to the top spot on the list of the world's richest people, Ahead of Gates who's current Networth is $89.9billion.

He is on top for sure,  but the online retail giant CEO wasn't the only money man in the world to see a giant financial leap within the same period. Business moguls Larry Page and Sergei Brin earned an impressive $1.2 billion and $1.15 billion respectively, after Alphabet's stock surged on an earnings report. And as usual  Bill Gates wasn't left very far behind.  His staggering net worth got an extra and gigantic boost of $340 million. This was based on Microsoft's own stock jump.
I mentioned earlier that Jeff earned enough in those five minutes to buy lunch for literally every single person in the United States at about $19. But did you also know that he earned almost twice President Trump's whole net worth, and more than 10 times the net worth of Golfer Tiger Woods?

And to throw in a bit more here,  the amount he earned is It's just a bit less than the entire gross domestic product of the country of Kyrgyzstan.

We take our hats of to Jeff Bezos and his incredible 5 minute cash haul.

Here is the current list of the top 10 richest men in the world

1. Jeff Bezos—$93.1B

2. Bill Gates —$89.9B

3. Warren Buffet —$80.6B

4. Amancio Ortega—$77.9B

5. Mark Zuckerberg—$73.8B

6. Carlos Slim Helu—$67.9B

7. Larry Ellison—$61.8B

8. Larry page—$48.2B

9. Charles Koch—$47.9B

10. Michael Bloomberg—$47.8B

Out of more than 7 billion people worldwide, these are the richest people on the planet.

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