Celebrity weight loss: Mariah Carey surgery(video)

- 11/14/2017
Singer Mariah Carey weight loss
Celebrity weight loss and weight gain can be as ever changing as night and day. And Legendary singer Mariah Carey has always been a hot topic in the news. But in 2017 her rapidly ballooning weight became a major target. And the media and social media wasted no time in criticizing her dramatic weight  gain after her called off wedding engagement. It's true The diva actually started to rapidly put on pounds after her failed engagement to billionaire James Packer was called off by the disillusioned Australian businessman.

Prior to their breakup, The superstar had managed to get in great shape for her Mariah’s World reality TV show , as well as her music tour. But unfortunately the highly publicized wedding never took place. And it seemed like the apparent trauma  caused the singer to let herself go. The diva began packing on weight. Sadly it also affected her normally flawless singing, as she gave a number of lackluster performances that was  slammed by fans and critics. 

The constant ridicule and body-shaming she received must have driven Carey to seek a quick and lasting solution to her size. Over the years she has been known for trying out several kinds of weight loss diets,  but if she needed a super quick solution (which she did) then an effective surgical procedure was the best answer for her.

 And that's exactly what she got. Carey has finally undergone a gastric sleeve surgery to help her to get her weight back to what it was last year. Or even better. 
Mariah Carey gastric sleeve weight loss surgery
Happier woman. Since undergoing the surgery, insiders say that the 48 year old is very happy. Infact she feels like she has entered a “new chapter in life.” One source who was interviewed by  Entertainment Tonight stated that “she always fluctuates and it makes her upset but it’s hard for her to manage,” noting the well publicized  struggle that Carey has experienced over the years with her weight 

Entertainment publication Page Six was the  first to report the story about Mariah's surgery , reporting that the hitmaker first became motivated to seek medical help with her weight when she noticed that it was becoming harder for her to dance. (We noticed too). The merciless Body-shaming by critics did the rest. It didn't take long for the mother of two to  decide that the gastric sleeve surgery was the suitable choice.

Over the years,  fans have become used to Mariah’s constantly changing figure seeing as the star has been on multiple diets over the years, and indicates that fans have been very surprised by the news that the mother of two has sought surgical help.
And for those of you wondering how in the world gastric surgery works for loosing weight? Well, it reduces the amount of food allowed into the stomach, making the patient feel fuller faster so that they consume less. In other words you have a much smaller stomach capacity. In previous years, such as those following the birth of Mariah and Nick Cannon twins, Moroccan and Monroe, Carey religiously followed the Jenny Craig diet strictly and was able to shed the weight. It’s clear that the star felt more drastic measures were necessary this time around and that Jenny Craig—wouldn't cut it if she wanted speedy weight-loss.

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