Curvaceous Plus size model Ashley Graham takes a veiled jab at Victoria's Secret

- 11/28/2017
Who makes big curves look crazy beautiful? Meet the stunning model Ashley Graham: the heart stopping plus size model who has redefined the true meaning of beauty. Who says big sized women can't look great? 
Ashley Graham model
The model stereotype no longer applies. And  Victoria Secret has been called to the attention of this undeniable fact. Look, if you have you ever seen the Victoria's Secret fashion show, then you'll understand what I'm talking about.  The  most dazzling supermodels in the world come together for this show, wearing incredible sexy outfits that would make you gawk. 

Mostly, slim and gorgeous women are the widely perceived picture of what a model should really look like. But recently, in reference to a VS show coming up in China, this plus-size model, who has been a vocal advocate of body confidence, took a Jab at the fashion powerhouse. Will she finally get her angel's wings? What a sight it will be to see her strutting her stuff in all her curvaceous glory down the catwalk. 
Graham's over 5 million Instagram fans were thrilled as their adored Idol was seen wearing her own wings. 

In a photo she shared on Instagram with her five million followers, the popular curvaceous model walks down the glittery runway wearing a lacy black and white lingerie and a pair of white feathery wings from Addition Elle collection. "Got my wings, my Addition Elle wings" she captioned the picture with a hashtag which reads: "Thick thighs, saves lives."
Plus size model Ashley Graham
Her post was an obvious critism of the Famed fashion house. The post came just around the VS fashion show, which is scheduled to take place in Shanghai, China on 28 November. With her cryptic post, many assume that the 30-year-old model is taking a jab at the event. 

No big fan of big curves. Victoria Secret, known for its hottest lingerie collection, handpicks models, who are also called angels as they wear giant colourful wings, that are the signature style of the fashion house. But serious curves and plus sizes are off the list. 

Yes it's true; the luxury fashion house is yet to include curvy angels to its model's list. Graham has been vocal about the fashion industry's outlook towards plus-size models. 

Here is what the world's most popular plus size fashion model had to say about this exclusion: "Women in the (curvy market)get left behind in the luxury world. If you ask any big girl who wants to spend money, she's going to say she spends on bags, shoes or beauty products because we're never given the opportunity to buy clothes that are expensive—although we would do it," she told Women's Wear Daily.
Curvaceous model Ashley Graham
"We're lacking communication between designers, buyers and the actual customer," "Designers...go up to a size 20, but the buyers won't buy it because they don't think the customer will come into the store. That customer has been told for so long that that size doesn't exist for her, so how does she know?"

In a world were keeping fit and slim is getting harder by the day due to calorie filled diets, stress, sedentary lifestyle,  and a host of other factors, Ashley's post has received a positive reaction from fans who think she has been an inspiration to them.

"So beautiful! You give us curvy women so much confidence to embrace our bodies and be happy," one fan wrote. "You are the most beautiful of the angels," added another.

We hope to see Ashley Graham soonest as a bona fide Vitoria's Secret model. 

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