Forbes Top 5 highest Paid dead celebrities list is a shocker

- 11/01/2017

5 highest earning celebrities who are dead

Top 5 highest paid dead celebrities
When they were still alive, some Celebrities were serious money makers who unfailingly pulled in millions of dollars each year. And several of these Top stars held the world captive with their abilities, making such an impact on fans, that even after their deaths, their legacy continued to wax strong, and their estates still made the kind of money it did during their lifetime —and sometimes even more. Even now,  some of them are the highest paid entertainers in the world.

Yes, these celebs are gone for good, but in many cases, their work continues to touch old and new fans worldwide.

And I must say that no other artiste has influenced music,entertainment and popular culture like the number one celeb on this list:

1. Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson highest paid Celebrity
He has been dead for almost nine years now, but notwithstanding, the King of Pop is still topping the list of the Forbes highest-earning dead celebrities of 2017.

Michael achieved so much during his life. The fact that no other showbiz figure has come even close  to his achievements, resulted in the Guinness book of world records awarding him with the incredible title of world's most successful entertainer.  His album Thriller is still the Highest selling album of all time, with worldwide sales of almost 100 thousand copies.

His influence created major brands and trends. His emergence as an entertainment Icon in the early 80s helped make music powerhouse MTV popular. He is also the first artiste in history to to have five number one singles in a single album, according to Billboard Hot 100.  That was from his 1987  album Bad. 

After winning a record 26 American music awards, 13 Grammy awards, a Grammy artiste of the century award, and numerous other accolades, It's not hard to see why this amazing entertainer is still breaking records years after his death. 

It's truly amazing that Jackson’s estate has earned more than $75 million this year. And what's even more remarkable?  Five years in a row he has topped Forbes dead celebrity richest list. The lucrative year was boosted by an animated Halloween special on CBS, a new compilation album released last month and an ongoing Cirque de Soleil tribute show, among other business ventures.
Last year the King of pop Michael Jackson made history when he earned $825million. This is the highest ever annual  earnings of any entertainer in history—alive or dead.

When he died,  he owed millions in debt,  but recently his estate underwent a $1 billion turnaround. According to reports by Billboard, It went from $500 million in debt to $500 million in cash surplus. And one thing remains clear;  In the coming decades,  Michael's legacy will still be rolling in the cash. 

Now, Onto The Other dead celebrities who made the top five list.

2. Arnold Palmer.
The legendary Golfer who passed away last year, still earned $40 million this year. He earned this impressive total through golf apparel and Arizona beverages;

3. Charles Schulz.
The man who created the beloved cartoon Character Peanuts is still pulling in some serious cash. The iconic cartoonist earned $38 million with MetLife using his characters in their advertisements; 

4. Elvis Presley.
Singer Elvis Presley highest paid dead celebrities
The King comes in 4th this year with $35million. He still sells tons of albums yearly, and continues to attract fans to his famous Graceland home 40 years after his death.

5. Bob Marley
Bob Marley highest paid dead celebrities
Singer songwriter,Poet and Philosopher Bob Marley is the man reputed for putting Jamaican native music Raggae on the map. The dreadlock Master's estate earned $23 million from having his likeness used on audio products and beverages.

Let's take a big leap and check out Another late celebrity who made the list. The only scientist in the top 10. Time's man of the Millennium Albert Einstein comes in at an impressive No. 10. 
The respected and revered Genius whose estate earned $10 million in 2017 got this cash total from companies that use his one of a kind likeness on an array of products.
You have to remember that Einstein died way back in 1955. So it's amazing how much money his estate still makes today. 

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