Sexy Nicole Scherzinger Photos show different looks of the beautiful singer

- 11/05/2017

Different hot Photos of Nicole Scherzinger 

If you think singer Nicole Scherzinger is dazzling say yes!  It's really remarkable how She lights up her surroundings with that scorching beauty of hers. The former Pussycat dolls singer has always been a stunner, and a fashion goddess as well. But what I find really fascinating is how she can go from wild to demure, and hot to cool whenever she changes outfits. You just have to see it to believe it. 
Nicole Sherzinger photos
To emphasize my point, The gorgeous X factor Judge recently featured in a Yoghurt advert below. And Yoghurt never looked so good.  The ad showed her looking incredibly fresh faced, sexy but homely. In the photo Nicole looked ravishing, true.But certainly a far from the more racy looks we are used to seeing from her—like the one above. 
Aged 39 year, these photos of Nicole Scherzinger show a woman who seems to look younger every year. Born in Hawaii but raised in the United States, Louisville Kentucky.(Home town of Mohammed Ali)  the star has a unique beauty that's hard to replicate. She is one of these hottest female singers in the world.
Sexy singer Nicole Scherzinger
After a stint with defunct girl Band Eden's Crush, she became a member of super successful all Girls group the Pussycat dolls. They turned out to be one of the highest selling female bands ever with tens of millions of albums sold. 

While still with the group, she launched her  solo career. But it was  a short lived and unfruitful foray into the world of solo artistes. Her results were good, but not outstanding. She quit the venture after four of her singles didn't impress on the music charts.
Sexy photos of singer Nicole Scherzinger
The Dolls did eventually split, and Nicole released her debut album in 2011. Killer Love was a mild success, with her single from the album 'Don't hold your breath' making it into the charts.
Hot Nicole Sherzinger's many looks
The success of her first album, boosted her confidence, and the Honolulu native released another. In 2014 she forged ahead and released  her second solo album. But unfortunately, this time, it was a miss. A disappointment resulting from poor album sales and discouraging critical reviews.
Nicole Sherzinger's photos with pussycat dolls

Sherzinger's music career wasn't all Rosy, since she left the Pussycat dolls in 2010, but it wasn't all Thorns either. Its been reported that both at a group and solo artiste, she has sold an estimated 60 million records. Not bad at all!  Her Single Don't hold your breath became her very first official number one single on the UK Singles Chart, while two other singles from the album,  peaked at number 3 on the chart. So far, she has scored 20 songs which peaked in the top 20.

As for her other work on television. She is currently a Judge on Simon Cowell's popular talent show the X-factor. 
Hot singer Nicole Scherzinger X Factor judge

The stunning singer has dated several high profile celebrities. When the 7 year off and on relationships with Formula One racing champion Lewis Hamilton finally ended, she hooked up with 26 year old Tennis bad boy Grigor Dimitrov. 

Check out these incredible combinations of the singer's photos.  They show so many exciting but different sides to her.  I mean this woman looks good in anything,everything—and nothing. 

For instance, the Nicole we saw in the second photo on this post looks almost a shockingly different from these other pics.

You are looking at the striking pIctures of Nicole Scherzinger. Woman of many faces and many looks. All beautiful I might add. 

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