4 great movies that Flopped at the box office

- 12/11/2017
Great movies don't always get the due they deserve, and terrible movies sometimes become huge box office hits. How is this possible? Well there are several factors that can be responsible for this, one of them being the extreme difficulty movie makers have when trying to read an unpredictable audience. Telling How fans and critics will receive a film is still something that stumps even the greatest film makers.
Great Hollywood movie flops
Poor marketing, and improper release dates have also contributed to great films tanking at the cinemas.
I'm not talking about big releases that emerge as bad movies. Movies like the Tom Cruise movie The Mummy did poorly at the US box office, but it still made $400 million worldwide. Thanks to Tom Cruise's potent global star power.  A different scenario is the recently released, and  eagerly anticipated Remake;  Blade runner 2049 which had a reported budget of over $150 million,  but made a paltry $90.3 million. Even the original film starring Harrison Ford, was a Ridley Scott masterpiece that ended up making $32.9 Million on a $28 million dollar budget. 

But here comes the surprise, terrible movies like Mall Cop 2 was given a thumbs down from every quarter, but the audiences loved it.  This critically slammed movie went on to make more than $107 million worldwide.

Of course some movie makers like genius director M Night shyamalan who has often been called the new Steven Spielberg, makes average budget movies, that more often than not become huge hits. His 1999 movie Unbreakable starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson, was made on a(not so small) budget  of $75 million, but it made a remarkable haul of $248.1 million worldwide. 

It's not surprising though that in this era of huge Franchises by Marvel and DC, many fans and turning their attention to intelligently made movies that have enough special effects and other captivating features,  to keep them coming back for more. 

In this post, I am going to show you four great movies that flopped miserably. Some of these films you may have seen, but two things they all have in common is good quality and poor earnings. 

1. The Thing

This is currently regarded as one of the greatest horror movies in history. A poor release date contributed a great deal to the tanking of this Super scary masterpiece. It was released 2 weeks after the Spielberg blockbuster ET, and on the same day as the Blade runner. These movies just stole it's fire. Domestically, It made $19.6 million on a $15 million budget. 

2. Shawshank Redemption 
Box office blockbuster movies
One of the best Stephen King movie adaptations ever. This gripping prison movie starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman made only $28 million in a $25 million budget. One of my personal favorites, it later  got some financial redemption from TV and Video sales. 

3. Blade Runner 2049

Starring Ryan Gosling and the original star Ford, the highly anticipated remake made just over half of its production budget domestically.

4. Children of men

Starring Clive Owen and boasting high critical acclaim and a Rotten Tomatoes  score of 92%, this incredible movie which ingeniously merged Serious drama with Science fiction, was a flop. It made less than $70 million on a budget of $76 million. 

More great movies, blockbusters and flops are emerging every month. Get all the updates here on Nelstorms blog movies reviews.

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