Best Celebrity hourglass figure:Kim Kardashian Versus Jayne Mansfield

- 12/16/2017

Kim Kardashian's body is a trend that never seems to fade away. Now Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, then you should be familiar with the amazing figure of Kim K. And not forgetting her famous(moneymaker) butt which has gained her tons of fans.
                       Kim Kardashian versus Jayne Mansfield Hourglass figure
Not surprisingly, the reality TV star and entrepreneur has almost a 100 million Instagram followers, and they aren't just joining up to partake in her wisdom. She is a beautiful woman and being a part of beauty is always a great feeling—something special.

Kim is one of the world's biggest sex symbols at the moment. But how does she fare compared to the great ones of the past?  As far as Celebrity hourglass figures go,  this  hotie has one of the best there is today.  But let's match her up against one other hot figure. A female Celebrity from a different era. 
Her name is Jayne Mansfield. Born Jayne Vera Palmer, this sizzling star was one of the pioneers of the modern day Hollywood sex symbols.

Actress Jayne Mansfield hourglass body
During the 1950s and 60s, the blonde  beauty was blazing a trail that resembled what Kim Is doing today. Even though her skyroketting  career and life was cut short,  when she was killed in a ghastly automobile accident aged 34, the actress singer, club entertainer, model and very first PB playmate made a dramatic impact in the world of entertainment that is still felt to this day.

Jayne was a breathtaking sight to behold. A woman whose beauty shone through everytime you saw her. And she knew she was stunning too. She flaunted her impressive curves at a every opportunity and became a photographer's dream.
                      Jayne Mansfield hourglass body

Kim Kardashian versus Jayne Mansfield hourglass figure . Who has the best curvaceous figure?  These two curvaceous celebrities are an eyeful and a tough choice when you are trying to decide who is hotter.  A few comparison points here:
                      Kim Kardashian body shape

Kim has two kids so far with her current husband rapper Kanye West. While Jayne had five kids from her three marriages.
                        Kim Kardashian Celebrity body

Now Back to those famous curves. For years now the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has denied having plastic surgery done on her body. But Kim Kardashian's butt has generated a whole lot of controversy over the years. A few months ago, after she was photographed on the beach in her swim wear, fans slammed the unairbrushed photos that emerged.

Jayne Mansfield on the other hand was seen as a natural beauty with hardly any work done inspite of her having 5 children. Until her death her figure figure was still jaw dropping gorgeous.

Kim K is currently 36 years old and Jayne Mansfield was 34 by the time she died in 1967.

Kim  has been Married twice, and divorced once. Jayne was married three times and divorced three times. She took the name of her first husband Paul Mansfield. 
Her personal life however was filled with alleged affairs with high profile men, including John F Kennedy whom she met in 1960.
You decide Nelstormers. Check out the photos of  the two stars and tell me what you think.

Past or present. Who has the better figure between these two hot celebrities from different eras?


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