Katie Price Miracle as she quits alter ego Jordan for dying mum(video)

- 12/21/2017
It's not easy being Katie Price. And it's not easy being Jordan. But probably the most difficult thing of all is trying to put these two fun loving socialites aside to become a new person. Before you get your head in a spin, these two are one and the same person—something most fans and critics of the former glamour model should know by now. 
Katie Price dying mum
It's probably going to take a miracle, but it appears Katie is planning on turning over a new leaf.  She has endured a terribly difficult year -As if her divorce from cheating 3rd husband Kieran Hayler wasn't gut wrenching enough, her mother's terminal diagnosis made things even worse. 
But now in an attempt to honour her mother's dying wish,  Katie Price has revealed her plans to drop her wild and famous alter-ego Jordan.  She intends to start fresh and make sure she enjoys a drama-free 2018 after a tumultuous 2017 which saw her suffer two heartbreaking blows. 

We know it will take some sort of really special miracle to change Price, who has been known for her wild ways for almost Two decades. 
Katie Price alter ego Jordan

Speaking during a recent interview, the 39 year old controversial former glamour model confessed she has had 'the worst year', and was ready make a change to her life and to kick off next year as  'as a new person' This decision was reached due to her mother's wish she would 'settle down' before she died. 

She's Looking forward to the change. Understandably, many people will turn their noses up at her intentions to turn her life around. Easier said than done. Easier desired than achieved. But Katie admitted she was very excited to 'put all of her life's highly publicized drama' behind her, and face the New Year as a new person. 

The year 2017 was a truly horrific year for the publicity loving star. It was a period that saw Katie get a divorce—Her third one. The divorce was prompted by the emergence of her husband Kieran's affair with their children's nanny. 

During the same period, she also received the tragic diagnosis of her mother's terminal lung disease. These events are by no means the first time Price has been devastated by unfortunate events, but her beloved mother's diagnosis has finally caused her to put her own life in perspective.

During the interview She said: 'I can't wait to put all of his drama behind me. It's been the worst year for me and I just want to put it behind me and start afresh.'

Ready to let herself go. Ready for a completely fresh start after her troubled year, Katie revealed her uphill plans to re-invent herself - without her famous alter-ego. 

Here is what she said: 'I plan to get rid of Jordan, get rid of Katie Price and start as a new person,' she added. 'I'll keep the name but I'll be a brand new person. I'd like to have no dramas in 2018.' 

Whenever the year ends and the New Year looms, promises of self improvement pour out from a lot of people. But it's living up to it for the next 12 months that's the real challenge.

Katie Price AKA Jordan's comments will most certainly please Amy her mother - who revealed in back in September that she wanted to see Katie's life 'settle down' before she became too ill. The diagnosis of Her incurable condition came shortly before Price discovered Kieran's infidelity.

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