Singer Ed Sheeran quit twitter:See it made his life better

- 12/19/2017
It's not everyday you see a person with 20 million twitter followers. But if that person is a popular Grammy Award winning artiste,  then it's no big surprise. What is surprising anyway is that singer Ed Sheeran quit Twitter and hasn't looked back since. Infact its been two years since he ditched his phone. 
Grammy Award winning singer Ed Sheeran quit Twitter

He doesn't even use facebook or snapchat. Currently he only uses instagram and that's where he celebrated his two year twitter absence—on his sole social media account.

A couple of years back, the popular 26 year old singer deleted his 20 million follower-strong Twitter account.(not an easy decision we bet). But what caused a rising star like Sheeran to go through with such an act?  Trolls of course!  He decided to let it all go when he grew sick of the abuse he was getting from ever present social media trolls who didn't like him One bit, or even his music—and let him know at every opportunity.
Ed Sheeran quit Twitter
After his long absence, Ed still has no regrets about quitting the social media network.

In an interview with The Sun, he revealed that his life has improved 'massively' since he left the mirco-blogging platform. 

Here is what the ginger haired star said about his reasons for leaving: 'All the things that get blown up on Twitter are all so, so, so negative. Nothing’s being celebrated. On Instagram it’s like, "Yay this" whereas Twitter is like, "No, this". He went further to explain that constantly hearing people's opinions about himself — people he had never met was really too much to bear. Especially when they have a negative mouthful to say on his character. This was causing him to develop some sort of paranoia. Something he realized early enough was quite unhealthy. 

So now that he is out, and not compelled anymore to read all that stuff,  it has really given his head a bit more of a break.

Ed also talked about why the insults seemed to affect him  the way it did:  'I think to be a creative human being you have to be a little bit weird anyway — like a little bit on the edge of madness. And when you have someone that’s on the spectrum and you basically hurl loads of insults at them, it’s going to tip them over the edge at some point.' Not a healthy thing at all. 

And what does he think of the highly anticipated Royal wedding coming up next spring? Well Ed has revealed his desire to sing at Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle next year.  
Prince Harry and singer Ed Sheeran
He probably has a good shot at that now that he is working with Harry. The star has made some headway getting into the newly-engaged royal's good graces, since he is now helping Harry with his charity work.

Walking With The Wounded is a charity very close to the 33 year-old royal's heart, being a former troop leader in the army himself. 

Ed who is helping to raise money for one of the prince's favourite charities may get a nod when he makes his desire to sing  at Harry and Meghan's upcoming wedding known to the couple. 

Although Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran have only met once, the singer who received an MBE from Prince Charles during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace recently, wants to play his part in an event that has been the buzz ever since the couple announced their engagement last month. 

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