3 women who could play James Bond perfectly

- 1/25/2018

Idris Elba believes a woman could play 007

Should the next James Bond be a woman? As the Debate on who should play the Vodka Martini swigging spy continues to rage,  the current star of the famed role Daniel Craig seems to have put the speculation on hold—at least for the next two years as he agreed(after initially quitting)  to play the deadly British Spy one last time.
New woman James Bond
But Back in 2015, there was a brief  period of time when it appeared like Hollywood heartthrob Idris Elba might become the new Bond.

It was so intense, especially after the public lapped up the idea with such excitement. For the next one year,  questions on 007 dogged the actor wherever he went until he was forced to start coming up with weird excuses for not taking on the role. He was consistently asked about it by fans, by reporters, and all. That was how the rumor got so big and ridiculous, it probably ended up destroying any atom of a chance Elba had of playing the famous super spy.

But that didn't stop the rumours. Three years later, the star is still asked about playing Bond with such frequency in fact,  that the poor man had to come up with desperate techniques to deflect the questions and the fixation on him playing 007.  He’s said he’s too old for the part, he’s forcefully rejected the role, he’s said his show Luther is actually his Bond—and now, he’s turned the Bond question on its head completely. In a new interview with Variety, Elba has put a new twist on his responses by suggesting that the next Bond be played by a woman.
Next James Bond woman
As interesting as that sounds, fans might actually need a moment to digest this rather intriguing but drastic bit of change to the seven decade old character. Wonder what Bond creator Ian Fleming will make of that. Ha! 

Here is Elba's take on a female playing the role for the first time ever. 

“Are we interested in having a Bond character other than being a male? It could be a woman—could be a black woman, could be a white woman,” he said. “Do something different with it. Why not?”

Without a doubt, the last two actors that played the Character, where the most commercially successful of them all, but many agree with Elba that the character—one of the most hallowed acting roles in the U.K.—is due for a 21st century overhaul.
With the suggestion out in the open,  the rumour mill spun out of control. In 2016, a fan art depicted X-Files star Gillian Anderson as the next Bond. Yes she could be Jane Bond! This got people really excited. Anderson, who happens to be American and British, and is adept at changing her accent flawlessly whenever the need arises, lapped up the idea and tweeted it with her approval, using the hashtag #NextBond.

Then followed more women coming forward. Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke—the mother of dragons herself!— also pitched herself to play Bond.  The beloved actress said she’d love to tackle the role, which would certainly be a blockbuster treat for all the GOT fans out there.

In addition, Quantico, Hollywood/Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra also expressed interest in the role. After it was suggested she would make a great Bond Girl in an interview with Complex. She agreed that she would make a super 007.
A black woman should play James Bond Idris Elba
But for now, male or female, all interesting and interested parties must hold on, For blonde haired alpha male Daniel Craig who has played the role for the last 12 years,  is onboard to dazzle us one last time. 

But Nelstormers, which woman do you think will be able to pull off the role perfectly? I am loving Gillian Anderson at the moment —what about you?

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