Kim Kardashian low calorie diet shakes might seem attractive but there is a catch

- 1/14/2018

Kim Kardashian weight loss diet

Acquiring the movie star look is something an increasing number of people find irresistible. Be it beauty or fitness or weight loss, many will go to extreme lengths to attain the amazing looks that some celebs have. 
Kim Kardashian diet regimen

For instance, the Kim Kardashian diet and weight loss regimen is a real hit that has often sent fans of the reality TV star scurrying.

Last week The selfie Queen made Headlines again, after her the selfie she took as part of a promotion for meal-replacement ‘shakes’ emerged. 

Yes, shakes are easy to make and fun to drink. And there is something just so appealing about quick and easy to prepare weight loss diets. When quick preparations equal quick results, it can seem like the perfect combination.
Kim Kardashian Celebrity weight losd
As usual Kim received the expected backlash. Aside from the health and safety concerns about her being barefoot and barely clothed in the kitchen, an expert has also pointed out that her dietary advice might not be the best for long term fat burning and health advantages. Nutritionists advise to thread with caution when implementing the Curvaceous star's dietary tips.  

Trust me, it takes more than a steady downing of low calorie shakes to give you the perfect bikini body. The powdered milkshakes Kim is supposedly drinking – courtesy of diet brand Flat Tummy Co – contain a mere 130 calories. They are actually designed to replace two of your daily meals for a four-week stretch. One regular meal and two low fat shakes—not a bad arrangement,  but what do these shakes really contain,  and what are the long term downsides of this miracle fitness food. 
Kim Kardashian milkshakes diet

As for her,  Kim says the programme has helped her shift pounds she gained during the Christmas holidays. A time when it is hardest to say no to delicious looking, but potentially deadly treats. 

She has a system she claims that works. In fact, medical experts advice those on a weight-loss diet is to consume no fewer than 1,200 calories a day. That's no easy feat. For short term results perhaps, but such diets can be problematic over long periods. 

In fact It is quite rare that any medical professional will advocate such extreme, low-calorie diets,  and for good reason too—   Scientific studies have shown that crash diets can be ineffective at best.

There are exceptional cases of course. In some special cases experts may recommend that a severely obese patient undertakes a very low-calorie diet , but only under strict medical supervision. And it won't be an indefinite arrangement.

For most people, going to such extremes will not be necessary in order to slim down a bit. There is an upside to this particular diet though—the regular consumption of nutrient loaded milk. 

Not everyone is the same size and not everyone loses or gains weight at the same pace, but whatever way fat burning and weight management is done,  it should at least be healthy and great for the body, both long-term and short term. 

Kim Kardashian is stunning, true. But so much more hard work goes into the near flawless look she has. So don't get carried away with the shakes.

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