Roger Federer outfits-Best dressed Tennis player on tour

- 1/30/2018
Tennis players tend to look great! And at the top of the pile is non other than 20 time Grand Slam Champion himself. Roger Federer outfits are a work of art—just like his game. 
Roger Federer best outfits
Champion Roger Federer/Nike news

There are sports that you simply don't have a choice in what you wear. The official team outfit and team colours, put together by some obscure designer and slapped with a logo sponsor/sponsors, is the usual scenario in a lot of solo and team sport. But thankfully,  tennis isn't one of them.  
Best dressed tennis player on tour
With the exception of the Davis cup where the above outfit description usually applies,  and  the All England Wimbledon Grand Slam where the mandatory blinding whites contrast beautifully with the implacably mowed green grass,  you pretty much wear what you want. As long as it is within the borders of sanity and decency. But far from the rainbow coloured circus which such freedom of dressing will have spawned,  this tough but flamboyant game often referred to as the gentleman's game, has on the contrary produced some of the most eye catching and memorable outfits in the world of sports. 

Still, out of all the interesting outfits that are showcased by the world's top tennis players on tour, no one is ever more flamboyantly dressed than Fed Express himself. 
Roger Federer best-dressed tennis players
Roger Federer is by far the best dressed tennis player on tour. Apart from his sublime style of play and his penchant for winning trophies even when the world writes him off, it has also become a treat to see the incredible outfits he debuts for each tournament. They are not necessarily flashy, but the combination of colours,  the uniqness of the designs and of course, the way the man himself wears them, usually creates a spectacle of undeniable beauty. 

By the way, in case you haven't heard,  Federer won the Australian open Grand Slam title and made history by breaking and smashing countless standing records in the process. Unbelievably, at the age of 36, he has pushed his slam tally from an amazing 19 to a mind boggling 20. 

This is his 6th Australian open title and the 3rd Grand Slam he has won in a year. In fact Fed has won three out of the last 4 grand slams he has competed in. Not bad for a man many had written off as a has been. His remarkable resurgence is a testimony that when you aren't done, then you aren't done, no matter how many other people believe you are.  And it takes that little extra something to rise from the ashes and turn the stains of defeat into streaks of victorious gold.

And the great thing about Roger Federer is that the outfit he wore for his latest historic feat was another blockbuster that sticks to the heart and mind, long after the match is over. 
Roger Federer Australian open grand Slam wins
Australian open
His RF trademark and Nike logo imprinted tops,  shorts, head bands, wrist bands, tennis bags and shoes are a delight to see. I know it doesn't help the man play or win tournaments, but it sure does make him look good while he is doing it.

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