4 reasons why cosmetics glitter is bad for your health no matter how good it looks on you

- 2/23/2018
Trying to spice up your beauty regimen?Cosmetic Glitter is a fascinating thing to look at. And it can often give our appearance an added edge. A stylish bit of shine that grabs attention. It's also very easy to use. I mean,  You can scatter it on your hair and even wear it in a face mask, lipstick, powder,eye makeup and even creams
Dangers of Cosmetic glitter
Of course It might not be the most sophisticated trend out there, but what’s wrong with a bit of harmless glitz even without much of the glamour right? 

Well,  unfortunately you'd be wrong if you thought so—And seriously too. 

Health experts have blown the lid on the seemingly safe ingredient. They have revealed that glitter is far from harmless:

Apart from the extreme environmental pollution it can cause, it is also quite adept at harming the health of our eyes and our skin and finding its way into our lungs to wreak havoc.

Here are five scary reasons why cosmetic glitter is bad for our health.


As I mentioned before, Glitter is actually made from plastic. Extremely Tiny pieces that make it as bad for the environment as toxic microbeads that have already been banned from use in cosmetics.
Dangers of glitter makeup
Glitter is tough to recycle 
But that's not all. It is made up of two layers of components —a coloured layer and a reflective layer . Unfortunately, the reflective part of it is often made of a metal—aluminium. These are bonded into a thin sheet, then cut into tiny shapes. Plastic and metal. Incredible! Maybe as wall, or card designs during festive periods, but honestly, this flashy iingredient ought to have no business  being on our bodies. 

These very tiny pieces can’t be recycled because it is so hard to break them down into component parts. They’re also too small for recycling machines, and end clogging them up. 


England banned about 2,500 kids from using glitter recently. And why deprive them of the fun?  Well, experts warned that, as it’s so hard to tidy up all those tiny pieces, they are likely to end up stuck in the environment for long lasting pollution.

Glitter particles are so stubborn in fact, they may take thousands of years due nature to break them down. They either end up in the soil or washed down your drains. It is tiny and light enough to get washed into rivers and oceans. 
Alarmingly, they have been discovered in tap water and even in the fish we eat. 


unfortunately food isn’t the only way glitter could get in your body. According to Frank Kelly, a professor of environmental health at King’s College London, he warns we could be inhaling lots of microparticles including glitter.

‘They could deliver chemicals to the lower parts of our lungs and maybe even into our bloodstream,’ he says.

In particular, Children and young people are most likely to be affected by this airborne menace.


Those tiny flecks of the micro plastic plus aluminum, can have incredibly sharp edges. When these get into the eyes(which they easily do while you are applying it on your skin) they can irritate the eyes, cause lesions, or worse. 
Glitter makeup bad
Glitter makeup is bad for your health 
Ask your health care provider to recommend safer sparkles for your cosmetic needs, if you insist on using the stuff. 

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