Boxer Floyd Mayweather and ex girlfriend Shantel Jackson continue court battle

- 2/15/2018
Pound for pound, he is considered one of the best boxers In history and he has an estimated net worth of $340 million. His women know this, and he showers them with gifts accordingly. But somewhere along the line Floyd Mayweather and ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson fell out —badly. 
Boxer Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson
The boxer claims her extravagant and cunning nature caused her to run up a heavy tab on his credit card. And he is mad because she did this without his knowledge. But Shantel claims it is untrue, and that Mayweather was fully aware of everything she bought with his card,  and was only trying to smear her. 

The 33 year old Jackson made attempts to shut down the accusations levelled against her by Mayweather. In a lawsuit the boxer makes claims that she helped herself to tons  of his cash without informing him. According to him, She went on shopping sprees behind his back, spending without restraint.
Floyd Mayweather ex girlfriend Shantel Jackson
Although the The Platinum Life reality star, denies it and explained that while they were dating the popular athlete was aware of all the purchases she made using his credit card.

The meltdown of their relationship began in 2014 when Jackson sued Mayweather for a string of alleged offenses including assault, battery, and defamation. This prompted a counter-suit from the 40 year old fighter. He accused her of running up his credit card bill. She denied the charge.

She says that her ex fiance Mayweather has not been damaged by her expenditure as he claims in his complaint. She also argues that the former boxing champion and his alleged domestic violence charge, bars him from suing her. She has demanded his case and all the charges the millionaire boxer leveled against her should be thrown out of court. 

In a civil complaint filed against Jackson by Mayweather in December last year, he claims she would use his card to make over the top  purchases and then to cover her tracks, she would stealthily have the shopping shipped to a secret location to keep him from finding out. 

He also pointed out that her premeditated scheme was well thought out to the point where she would shower him with praises in public, just to make him adore and trust her, hereby taking advantage of his limited 8th grade education to fool him. He only discovered her scheme when a mutual friend of theirs reported to him that she had been bragging about it. 

Mayweather only found out that Jackson had been allegedly taking advantage of him, according to the lawsuit, when a mutual friend told him she had been boasting about her alleged scheme.

Jackson, who is a successful entrepreneur in her own right,  but not quite in Mayweather's league, is the inventor of the Shoe Gummi insoles designed for high heels. She says the undefeated boxer will not get a cent of her money. 
Boxer Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson Court case

Floyd Mayweather who retired from boxing for a second time after making boxing history when he defeated first time boxer and MMA star Conor McGregor to improve his unblemished fight record to 50-0, and boosting his career earning to almost a billion dollars.

Currently, Mayweather sits at No. 16 on Forbes list of the world's highest-paid athletes.
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