Piers Morgan slams friend Donald Trump calling him coward

- 2/16/2018
Piers Morgan and Trump have a good relationship that has spanned several years. It's no big secret that the Good morning Britain star is an admirer of  the controversial US President.
Donald Trump and Piers Morgan US shooting interview
About Three weeks ago, the two friends had the opportunity to meet up for an interview. And when it comes to Trump and Morgan,  you never know what's going to transpire.

During the session, he asked President Trump why he’d done nothing to stop another mass shooting after the recent horrific massacre  that occurred in Las Vegas. And apparently, the Commander in Chief's response did not go down too well with the television personality. 
Piers Morgan slams US President Donald Trump
‘He was a sicko,’ Trump replied to the question, ‘I mean that’s the big problem – they’re sick people.’ 

Really! BIG problem with the US gun culture and inevitable and frequent gun violence is mental illness, not guns?

Piers was not pleased with the answer. But it isn't strange for the US leader to make seemingly flippant remarks like that. A fact which has left many speechless and wondering whether this man knew what he was talking about.

The popular and Hilarious definition of insanity by renowned scientist Albert Einstein which refers to doing something the same way over and over again and expecting different results, is something we can directly relate to the US gun violence problem. 

The fact that we are barely two months into the year and there have already been 18 public mass shootings in the United States is simply downright scary. An emergency that shouldn't be handled the same way anymore, while expecting different results everytime.

Here's a weird point: In the case of America’s attitude to mass shootings, the definition of insanity is different: the world’s richest, most powerful country does absolutely nothing over and over again.

About Five years ago, a deranged, and out of control man of 20 wreaked unspeakable mayhem when he used an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and high capacity bullet magazines to kill 26 people.  20 of his victims were kids at a school in Sandy Hook, Conneticut.

In  an eerily similar incident Yesterday, a deranged, angry young man of 19 also used an AR-15 and high capacity magazines to murder 17 people and injuring many more when he opened fire on kids in his former school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school Parkland, Florida.

The shooter, former student Nikolas Cruz, was too young to be allowed to buy a beer in a state that like many in the US has ‘zero tolerance alcohol laws’.

But he was legally able to buy a semi-automatic military style rifle. The same which he used in a mindless shooting spree that left so much pain, anguish and fear in the hearts and minds of those living,  and nothing at all in the hearts of the many dead. 

That’s ‘sicko’, right?


And even if it were mental illness, the shooter still legally bought the deadly high powered weapon he used for the slaughter—legally. 

That doesn't seem right, But again, it appears tens of millions of Americans have no problem with it.
Piers Morgan and Donald Trump interview
The teenage killer Cruz apparently passed a background check when purchasing his gun! Incredible but true. 

And he passed despite the fact he had been treated for ‘mental issues’, expelled from the school he attacked (among many concerning acts of behaviour, he sold knives out of his lunchbox and was found with bullets in his backpack), banned from returning to the school after threatening teachers, and accused of abusing a girlfriend.

He was still considered legible to buy, own and use a deadly high powered assault weapon. Which tragically—he did. 

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