Rapper Tupac Murder weapon finally discovered

- 2/15/2018

Tupac Shakur murder Weapon update

It is a case that has spawned countless conspiracy theories over the years, and still remains unsolved to this day. But a breakthrough in the 22 year old murder case has emerged. Late Rapper Tupac murder weapon has finally been found. And the story will surely kick-start a new wave of theories. 
Tupac murder case
The L.A.P.D believe they have found the gun used to murder Tupac Shakur more than two decades ago. Yes they believe they have tracked it down at last.   

Back in 1998 ballistic testing was done on a  .40 caliber Glock found in Compton. The results showed it matched the one fired in the 1996 Tupac shooting. Problem solved right? Wrong. The real dilemma was where the the gun mysteriously went after that ballistic testing. Neither LA cops nor Las Vegas cops knew for sure, but we've learned the feds actually had it last. And the most bizzare thing is that it was destroyed! This is getting more and more twisted by the moment.  Now here's why the precious evidence to one of the most infamous assassinations was destroyed:

In 2006 ATF agents did the testing on the weapon and it did come up as a possible match for the Tupac murder weapon, but it also came up as a possible match for another unsolved Law Vegas case. So the ATF promptly sent the Glock off to Vegas. 

But after multiple law enforcement agencies conducted their own ballistic testing, there was a big let down.  They came to a conclusion that it was not a match for the late rappers case. But It certainly matched the other unrelated unsolved Vegas case.

But since the police had no need for the handgun, they sent it back to the ATF. This was in 2006. For the next seven years, the
 Glock sat in storage. And was discovered in 2013 when the ATF was taking inventory.
Late rapper Tupac Shakur
ATF Spokesperson Colbrun says as part of standard ops, the agency decides what to do with items after a while. They checked with Las Vegas cops, who signed off on the weapon to be destroyed . So along with a bunch of other unneeded guns, the Glock was destroyed. I bet this will make the juiciest gossip for conspiracy theorists. Since it smells and looks so much like a cover up by the authorities.
Late Tupac Shakur murder weapon

Now the weapon is gone, but the Tupac murder case remains unsolved and open. 
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