Crazy as Late singers Michael Jackson and Prince will release music together according to medium(video)

- 3/12/2018
They died almost seven years apart, and yet, while they lived, they were two of the world's greatest stars.
Michael Jackson and Prince music
Michael Jackson and Prince do music together 
One thing they had in common was great music, but apart from that, they never really did see eye to eye. 
The late Michael Jackson and Prince had one of the biggest rivalries in music. 

Could it be possible that these two who clearly were not each other's  favourite people, could actually come together to make music? Not very likely—or so I  thought.

Despite their high-profile lives,rivalry and eventual deaths, it seems that Michael Jackson and Prince could enjoy some sort of a posthumous music duet. No! not like Night of the living dead sort!  I mean for real. Scared yet? Maybe that's the message Mike was trying to pass when he realeased thriller. That was a Nelstorm Joke,(incase you didn't guess).
Late singer Prince
Prince was a legend with a unique sense of style
But it was no joke at all what a respected Hollywood spiritual medium by the name of Tyler Henry, said about the late singers. Mr Henry actually claims to have connected with the pair's spirits. And when did this supernatural meeting occur?  During a reading with Jackon's sister, La Toya.

A report by the Daily Star, states thatTyler claims the two music greats secretly recorded songs together some years before their deaths. But he also claims the reason no one has heard them is because they're locked up in some private vault. 
But fans of the still popular late stars are in for a treat,  as Mr Hollywood Medium says Prince and Jacko now want the music they recorded together released to honour their legacies.

According to Tyler, the Main thing Michael wanted when he connected to him,  was to have his new music released. He wanted to be honored with his music. 

“There is a specific artist he brought through with him. He was interested in releasing something they did together. It made sense to LaToya.” Tyler said.

Back in the day, Musical legend Prince who stood only at a diminutive 5ft 2in in height, but he was a musical and entertainment giant, released numerous hits and amassed a huge fan base with songs like Purple Rain, When Doves Cry and Kiss. They are still fan favorites even today.

A staunch Jehovah's witness, he changed his name several times, had epic fallouts with his record label, had remarkable fashion choices and spawned urban myths. All these gave him an eccentric air. Unfortunately, he died at one of his homes—wealthy,famous and alone on 21 April 2016.

Michael Jackson on the other hand was a larger than life entertainer who's very mind blowing dance moves were said to defy the laws of physics. He became the world's most famous person and was called the King of pop.  As a solo artiste he released the first and second highest selling albums in history— Thriller and Bad, respectively.
Singers Michael Jackson and Prince music
Michael Jackson was a music god 
But fame was unkind to Jackson. He became increasingly eccentric, and drastic changes to his physical appearance was eaten up and often blown out of proportion by the media.  The very platform that had helped him climb to the top of the entertainment industry, was now tearing him down. 

During a major comeback attempt titled 'This is it' He fell into a coma and died from a heart attack shortly after. Currently, he is the highest earning  dead Celebrity this year, and almost every year since his death.
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