Female celebrities with most kissable lips according to beauty experts

- 3/14/2018

 World's most beautiful lips 

A beautiful woman may not have great lips, but great lips can make a woman beautiful. When it comes to beauty there are few things as appealing as great skin, stunning eyes, and a sexy pout. But what are the perfect examples of a beautiful mouth? And who are the female celebrities with best lips
Celebrities with best lips
You won't have to look too far to guess. A list Hollywood Actress Scarlett Johansson has the most attractive lips in the world – and that's according to doctors— a scientific fact. It's no surprise really that the gorgeous Scarlett should come out on top of the hot lips pile, because she has had us transfixed for years by her remarkable pout. 
According to medical Researchers, women who have upper and lower lips that are exactly the same thickness are believed to have the most desirable lips on earth. 

And yes, you guessed right!   Scarlett has that perfect ratio of 1:1. But the Avengers actress is not alone. She shares this perfect stats with stunning British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley whose husband, action star Jason Statham must have beeen seen by many as one of the luckiest guys—to have such a dazzling beauty as his wife. 
Best celebrity lips in the world
British Model Rosie Huntington whiteley has great lips
However, taking a look at other pretty celebs with far less remarkable lips, we come upon the likes of the incomparable actress Emma Watson. No doubt about it,  the Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast star has a pretty unique and lovely face and body, but researchers still deem her less than perfect. Why?  Well,  because she has a slightly narrower upper lip. Really! 
Women with world's most beautiful lips
Actress Emma Watson has a thinner upper lip
These incredible conclusions actually come from an authoritative source. A study conducted by 560 plastic surgeons and the same number of members of the public, drawn from 35 countries. These participants were asked to look at photographs and choose those with most attractive mouths. And they did.

The interesting study was led by a German Dr Paul Heidekrueger, of Munich, who has previously conducted similar work into the perfect buttock size in the world, as well as the perfect ear placement in Caucasian women.  

Dr Heidekrueger Wrote his findings in the Journal Of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, after he came to the conclusion that ‘a 1:1 lip ratio can apparently be considered most pleasing in females’. In second place however, is the slightly plumper lower lip, which is also considered very attractive indeed. 
Female celebrities with most kissable lips
Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has world's most kissable lips 
But he warned of the changes that may occur in the future: ‘Our study represents current trends in aesthetics and may be subject to change, much like fashion.’ he revealed.

Another Cosmetic surgeon, Gerard Lambe, of Manchester’s Reflect Clinic, said:

‘Lips are so important – they are an erogenous and attractive feature. We are zoned in on that part of the face. It is enormously important in our minds, for communication.

‘An even lower and upper lip tends to be most pleasing.’

But he also remarked that the surge in bad plastic surgery has caused a ‘very distorted body image’. Which you only have to take a walk on the street to see.  The over-done, ridiculous and often horrific pouts. In addition to so many awful blown-up faces,’  are on the rise amongst all age groups nowadays.
Plastic surgery enhanced lips
Human Ken Doll has extremely surgically enhanced features
The popular Human Ken Doll is a perfect example of the above descriptions that have actually put the plastic back into cosmetic surgery. The eternal Barbie doll look seems to be here to stay. 
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