Glamour model Katie Price plastic surgery has left her face looking like a young old woman

- 3/21/2018
Once again, glamour model Katie Price has unveiled her newest face yet. A supposed improvement on the last one. But after 'undergoing countless plastic surgery procedures, the star has gotten to the point where she is trying to correct past botched surgeries.(And sometimes making them even worse).  Recently she went under the knife again to fix a botched face lift.
Katie Price plastic surgery
If there is anyone who is aware that they have had way too many procedures done on, it's Katie. After claiming she'd 'messed up' her face with a face job she did last year, the outspoken and controversial star was seen leaving a Brussels clinic last week. Rumours had it that Katie, went for corrective treatment on her messed up face. 
And when she emerged in public for the first time after that, she was looking very fresh-faced,  and confident enough to post a close up selfie image on her Instagram account. But, inevitably, Katie still had to rely on the image filters as she posed alongside her youngest children Jett, four and Bunny, three. You can't blame her, she started these surgeries in her youth and hasn't slowed down ever since. 
Glamour model Katie Price plastic surgery
Experts say Katie Price will never have a normal looking face again
The effect of numerous cosmetic surgery procedures have finally taken their toll on the 39 year old, fun loving celeb. She now appears like a young old woman. And you cannot really pinpoint the outward cause of this whole weird look she has.

Getting fed up with the whole thing herself.  Katie previously revealed she was going to ease up on the cosmetic treatments as she approaches 40 after fearing she'd taken it too far. Well her fears are well founded. She has taken it further than many, but not as far as some. There have been several drastic cases where celebs over-indulged in surgical enhancement and ended up with botched plastic surgery.

Now she's is back at it again, another victim of trying to get out of something that just keeps getting worse. It is the typical botched plastic surgery story.  It had been reported that her latest treatment would take weeks to recover, but Katie was still looking bruised and swollen faced as she posted her latest picture to her social media account.
Katie Price botched face lift
Katie Price Aka Jordan looked much better before multiple surgeries 
Also know by her alter ego name 'Jordan',  years ago, this beautiful glamour model rose to fame with the help of her her incredible body, intriguing face,remarkable confidence and drive for success. Along with her controversial party loving lifestyle and surgeries, she gained herself a bad girl reputation she hasn't been able to shake.. Well deserved reputation many of her fans might say

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