Lebron James and Michael Jordan teamate reveals major differences between them

- 3/04/2018
Imagine having Michael Jordan as a teamate. It must have been some experience having to share a court with one of the best ball players ever. But what about sharing a court with two?  Even if it's at different periods in history? 
Basketball players LeBron James and Michael Jordan
In case you didn't know, LeBron James and Michael Jordan are considered by many to be two of the greatest NBA players to ever play the game. Fans of both players have often compared them to each other. But with them playing in different basketball generations it’s pretty difficult to decide who exactly is the best. Unfortunately, neither player ever got to play one on one in their prime.

As it turns out,  only four players ever played as teammates with both ball stars. One of these four is Brendan Haywood. And in a recent interview with The Ringer, he explained how those two living legends were similar and different.

And the distinctions between them are not at all what you'd expect.

According to Haywood one of the biggest differences between the two is not their skills on court,  but their character and personalities as men and as players. 

First, here's his take on LeBron:

“LeBron is totally different than Mike from a personality standpoint. LeBron is a great people person. He loves to interact with his teammates. He’s a hard worker as well. But they’re different people as far as their approach. Mike’s approach is, everything is competition. If there’s shooting on the side, he wants to hit the most shots. If we’re playing a scrimmage, he wants to win that scrimmage. LeBron goes out there and just plays excellent, great basketball. The difference is Mike wants to win at every little thing. That would be the biggest difference between the two. Both of them are great guys. Both of them work hard. Both of them are extraordinary leaders.
His point is that LeBron has always been about being a really good teammate and making his teammates better players, and even better people on and off the court. He is the kind of athlete who doesn't like to lose, as he goes out there every day and tries his hardest. And even if he loses, he is satisfied knowing he gave everything he could to win the game. No regrets—he gave it his all. I mean you can't do better than the very best you can do at any given moment. And that's what LeBron is all about.

Haywood who obviously sees Lebron as the better person between the two went on to say just how great of teammate LeBron was:

“LeBron is a great teammate. He gave the best gifts. Of all the superstars I played with, he gave the best gifts. Anything that he was sponsored by, he would give to his teammates. So if he was sponsored by Samsung, everybody got free Samsung phones. Beats by Dre. I had so many extra Beats by Dre headphones I was giving them away to people as gifts. That’s how many he made sure we had. Just taking everyone out. Making it a family atmosphere. That was his best thing — how he communicated and interacted with teammates.”
Micheal Jordan vs LeBron James greatest basketball players
Micheal Jordan never faced LeBron James in his prime 
This admirable personality  trait  kind of draws people to him, because they know that when you are part of his team and in essence his life, you will be getting a treatment that is dignified and honourable.
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