Someone sent a parcel bomb to this Bride and groom on their wedding day

- 3/25/2018
A newly Wed couple had the happiest period of their lives suddenly turn into the most horrific, when they recieved a wedding gift that turned out to be something else entirely—a wedding bomb, wrapped in a gift parcel. 
Wedding bomb india
The groom, a software engineer was killed after he opened the supposed gift, while his bride who was standing not too far from him, was left grievously wounded by the huge blast.  
A few weeks after it occurred, the incident which shattered the peace of a small town in India, still puzzles the community. Why?  And Who was responsible for such an atrocious act. So well did the perpetrator(s) plan this, that after weeks of investigation, even the police have absolutely no leads. 

It's a heartbreaking story that occurred and simply has to be told. 
Newly Wed couple bomb blast In India
 Kitchen where Souyma, Reema and his grandma were blasted by the bomb
It all began on the afternoon of February 23. Soumya Sekhar Sahu, a 26 year old software engineer and his new wife Reema, a 22-year-old, had been married for just five days and the sweet memories of their recent wedding day celebrations were still fresh in their minds.

That afternoon, in their home, the couple were doing chores in the kitchen area of his newly-built family house. They were preparing to cook their meal, when Soumya heard a visitor at the gate. It was a delivery man, and he had a parcel for him. A frayed and worn sticker on the box said it had been sent by SK Sharma from Raipur, some 230km (142 miles) away, and it was addressed to Soumya. But the strange thing was—he didn't know anybody in Raipur.

He took it into the Kitchen. According to Reema, she clearly remembers her husband opening the outer box and finding a parcel covered in green paper with a white thread sticking out of it. By this time, 85-year-old grand-aunt Jemamani Sahu was also in the kitchen, and curiously came up from behind Souyma to see what was inside the parcel. It was a mistake.

At that point, Souyma told his wife that it resembled a wedding gift, but he could not recognize the name of the sender. As soon as he said this, he pulled the white thread, and there was a bright flash of light and a huge explosion rocked the kitchen.

The three of them were thrown off their feet by the blast, and crumbled on the tiled floor. All three were grieveously injured and bleeding heavily.
The kitchen itself looked like a war zone as the blast had ripped the plaster off the ceiling, blown up the water purifier. It had also cracked the walls and blown away the kitchen window.
Wedding parcel bomb blast Indian couple
Reema and Souyma dated for a year and married for 5 days

 The bride's body was on fire, but she heard her husband's plea: "Save me. I think I am dying," 

That was the last time she would ever hear him speak. Dazed and in excruciating pain, she crawled towards the bedroom, not even noticing the neighbors who had rushed in thinking the gas cylinder had exploded.

In the bedroom, she attempted to dial their nearest relative on the phone but passed out before she could make the call. 

Unfortunately, Soumya Sekhar and Great aunt Jemamani Sahu, suffered from 90% burns and died before they reached the hospital. Terribly injured, Reema is currently recovering in a cramped room in the burns ward in a government hospital. Her heart is devastated and her recovery painfully slow. 

Relatives and friends are puzzled because the newly weds were known to be quite friendly and had no known enemies. 

But something strange and probably significant happened prior to the wedding. and he only indication of something amiss seems Souyma recieved a mysterious call.

Reema narrated this from her hospital bed: "We were talking on the phone, and he said there was a call coming in. And I vaguely remember he put me on hold, and later told me, 'I got a threatening call. A man on the line told me not to marry.'"

He didn't mention any more calls, and by the time the marriage happened, "we had completely forgotten about the call".

Police suspect that it may have been past lovers or past relationships. Or even a land dispute in Souyma's family. Investigations have revealed that the name and postal address on the wedding bomb parcel were fake. 

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