Strange Madonna selfie and bizzare beauty tip spooks fans: Don't try this at home(photos)

- 3/11/2018
Singer Madonna is a music legend who has been a controversial figure for most of her long career. The material girl might be getting on in years now, but her ability to shock and amaze seems to be on a dramatic increase. A recent Madonna selfie has made fans tongue tied as they got far more than they bargained for from the photo. 
Madonna selfie
Her 10.8 million Instagram followers got an eyefull of Mads at her weirdest.
A recent instagram post was shared by the superstar. It was a photo of herself sitting on the toilet, with an even stranger caption accompanying the image. 
Never one for being shy or reserved, the 'Who's that girl' singer, has been known to grab attention in a variety of bizzare ways over the years. Let's  just say she has her own style when it comes to catching her fans  interest. 

In the instagram photo she shared,  the legendary entertainer can be spotted looking utterly bored and fed up with something  as she peered at the camera through her cascading blonde hair.

Singer Madonna selfie
Madonna's toilet selfie
 Dressed in a black tank top and knee length black socks, she sat hunched on the toilet. she cryptically captioned the shot  ‘God bless you’. Wonder what that has to do with being seated on the loo? 

In another social media post this past weekend, the songstress  came up with another ingenious selfie idea. she actually shared a topless shot of herself on her Instagram account over the weekend.

As far as we could see, the singer was wearing nothing but a navy fedora and her neck was adorned with a beautiful gold necklace. In the photo, Madonna pouted as she looked into the camera. She captioned this photo, ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’.
Madonna Instagram selfies
Madonna's fans were divided over this Instagram selfie
And as usual the post caused a split opinion among the star’s multitude of fans. 

One  follower advised her to go put on some clothes. And then payed her a veiled compliment as well, by calling her young lady.

Some other replies were a bit more extreme, with one fan suggesting the 59 year old singer check into rehab. Probably because of the empty and glazed look in her eyes.

But typically, some staunch fans jumped to Madonna’s defense with one user crowninh her selfie taking efforts by replying that she looked ‘beautiful’. Not exactly the words I'd use, but she really does look amazing for some one her age. 

But Madonna wasn't done shocking her fans. The mum-of-three raised eyebrows recently when she revealed one of her age defying beauty tips. Known for her extensive beauty and fitness regimen, the star who even has her own beauty line, gave out a beauty secret that was nothing short of scary! Yes,  it involves  cutlery—a fork to be precise. And no, you don't eat it thank goodness! But you do use it on you face—in form of a facial.  
Madonna beauty tips
Madonna looks stunning for her age
Madonna claims this technique helps her keep her skin glowing with youth. But don't take my word for it. If you dare, try it at home. Lol!  You might just get the results she described.


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