The hectic lifestyle of Roger Federer the world's greatest ever tennis player(video)

- 3/21/2018
A few years ago, after almost a decade of dominance, tennis player Roger Federer seemingly succumbed to inevitable occurrence that plagues all pro athletes—his age began to show up in his game. 
Tennis player Roger Federer
Losing when he should have won, and winning with great pains where he usually won with ease, became the norm for this tennis king.
This slump—the beginning of the end of Federer as most fans believed, would last a long time.  Over Five years,during which time, the man who had won at least one Grand Slam every year since the beginning of his dominance, failed to win a single one. 

It was a dark time for the Swiss Maestro,  as he watched his form dip, and his impressive past achievements slowly, but surely slip into historic legend. 

And when, in the middle of this dark period, he suffered a knee injury that required surgery and took him out of action for 6 months, most people wrote him off. After years of sublime and surreal tennis and a record 17 Grand Slam titles, Roger Federer was finished. 

Strangely everyone wrote him off except one person—himself.
World number one tennis player Roger Federer
Federer best Rafael Nadal to win the 2017 Australian Open
In 2017, after his return from injury, He shocked the sporting world by winning his 18th Slam—the Australian Open, by beating long time rival and friend Rafael Nadal.  And just when we were still reeling from this unexpected feat, he captured Wimbledon for the 8th time and pushed his slam tally to 19.

But Roger wasn't done. He began 2018 with a bang by winning his 20th Slam title, running to a 17 match winning streak(his best start in his career) and making history by becoming the oldest man ever to become world number one ranked tennis Player.

When Federer finally lost in the final of the Indian Wells Masters this past Sunday in a mighty clash against Juan Martin del Potro, the world could almost breathe a sigh. Roger Federer was human after all. 
Grand Slam champion Roger Federer
Roger Federer is the record Grand Slam champion 
But being Roger, having his success and his millions of adoring fans, must have a hefty price. 

No time to rest. After his grueling match and eventual loss to Delpo, he had only five hours sleep before he flew over to Chicago to promote his own tennis tournament later this year - the Laver Cup.

But he wasn't done.The Swiss star immediately started to prepare for another tournament, the Miami Open which gets underway this afternoon - although he will be grateful for receiving a first-round bye.

He is blowing our minds with his resurgence, however, at 36 years old there must become a time when the Tour puts a little too much strain on the player and their family.

According to his long time agent, Tony Godsick:  "Roger's life, if it's not hectic then it's not Roger's life,  because it's all he knows"

He explained that even if he had not been travelling, he would still have been up early because of his kids who always travel with him. 
Luckily for his fans, Life on the road is still something this highly competitive sportsman loves.  The willingness to continue travelling and playing a tough and hectic tennis schedule and attending endless social and work engagements, takes its toll on the human body and mind of all tennis players. But he is still hanging in there.

For the moment, we are grateful that Roger Federer, this tennis legend, continues to dazzle us with his life,his game and his inexplicable deal with sport's sworn enemy—father time. 

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