World's fastest man Usain Bolt says football dream is serious

- 3/27/2018
Like a Bolt lightening, the popular and charismatic world's fastest man Usain Bolt shattered world records and shook up 
our collective consciousness, as he became an inspiration for breaking boundaries and turning dreams into reality. 
Sprinter Usain Bolt football dream
And after carving his name in the halls of sporting legends, he has Finally retired from athletics. Bolt has indeed talked the talk and walked the walk. But the problem is—he still has a dream in sport. Only this time it's football. His second love. Usain Bolt's football  dream particularly is to play for Manchester United someday. Yes, Usain wants to become a red devil.  But at the age of 31, it has to happen sooner rather than later, or remain an unfulfilled dream. The celebrated Olympian is sharpening his skills on the pitch and taking giant steps to achieve his goal—literally. 
It's been quite a week for eight-time Olympic gold medalist  as he rubbed shoulders with some of the world's best football coaches and players.  

On Thursday and Friday the fastest man in history wore the football jersey of German Club Borussia Dortmund.

A serious football player. The Jamaican sprint king trained alongside Marco Reus and Mario Gotze during the sessions and afterwards, he shared several photos on Instagram of his time with the Dortmund stars.

Bolt told reporters how welcoming Dortmund were, and how "overwhelming" it was to train in a stadium that can hold up to 81,000 people.
"I have to give them thanks for giving me this opportunity to come out and try to accomplish my new goals."

He needs them to evaluate his potential and give him their Proffesional opinion of his footballing abilities. Bolt is really keen to know how far he can take his football ambitions.
World's fastest man Usain Bolt and Manchester United
Bolt's dream is to play for Manchester United 
"I've talked to the club and told them I'm really serious about this so they said I should come back for a longer period and do some more training, then they can assess me and tell me what level I can play at.
"So I'm looking forward to that and that's my focus right now."

Before his Dortmund adventure, Bolt tried out his skills in an all-star five-a-side friendly match in Basel, Switzerland in the Match of Friendship game on Wednesday, when he was coached by Manchester U manager Jose Mourinho.

Here is what the special one had to say about the sports legend:

"Usain has a double meaning for me -- it's the meaning of what he represents in the history of sports and also what he represents in the history of humanity,"

A Global Celebrity and football lover, Bolt has long been an admirer of the game and a huge fan of Manchester United In the English premier league.

Who knows—maybe lightening will strike again.


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